Twitch going into another level of stream in 2022


Wondering how to grow on twitch? Do you want to increase the number of followers on your channel and emerge from the fray, or do you want to buy Twitch followers from a trusted brand? Well, make yourself comfortable because what you are about to read is one of the best articles I have ever written. Over the months I have collected various information and advice through the experience of different streamers, to create this growth manual for your Twitch channel.

If you are  interested in the world of streaming  or live broadcasting and  want to grow on Twitch, or if you want to know how you can move in this world, or if  you have a channel but are not getting the results you want to  achieve, you are in the right direction! You must know, if this is your first time here, that  the goal of this post is precisely to be the reference point in Italy for the business world, you will find advice on web marketing, photography, social media marketing, and from now also on streaming.

What are the goals of your channel?

  • grow your channel
  • increase visibility
  • gain more followers
  • achieve the affiliate goal
  • achieve partner goal

I already warn you that the path will be very complicated, it is not enough to open a channel with the simple idea of ​​playing video games  and for this to earn money, things are not as automatic as it may seem from the outside.

Grow your Twitch channel in easy steps:

  • Get people to visit your channel for the first time
  • Let them stay at least 3 minutes in the live broadcast
  • Increase the number of viewers
  • Get him to write in chat
  • Get them to click Follow 
  • Get them back on your channel
  • Get them to sign up and donate

It is important that you follow this sequence well in chronological order without making the mistake of many streamers, such as asking for donations as soon as a new person joins the channel.

Bring people to visit your canal for the first time

This is why it is important that all the content of your channel can welcome people in the best way, as we always say, first of all, it is very important that you  see and feel good  because without this element you will have people who will leave your channel even earlier. to be able to greet them.

Pay close attention to the  tags, always indicate and update the activities you do, for example if you switch from FIFA to JUST CHATTING, it is important that you update your profile so that people can find you during the search phase. Don’t underestimate your profile picture either because it’s the only thing you see when a person is looking for a channel to watch.