How online classes has affected students study pattern



The recent rise in the online medium of studying is noteworthy. As intense as the earlier physical schooling method was, jumping to a virtual style of education is indeed a drastic change for the students and the teachers. Especially in a country like India, where schooling was restricted to the four corners of the school walls, and physical presence was so important! However, we have seen that the new trend of online classes has also brought about a massive difference in the students’ learning patterns. And these are negative and positive! Read more about it and understand how online classes have altered learners’ learning patterns. 

  • No time restriction – The very first that changes positively in students’ learning patterns is studying without the boundary of time. Earlier, while the students gained knowledge only during the seven hours school period, now even after a learner wants to understand a concept about something in the middle of the night, the pre-recorded classes make it possible for them! Basically, learning became carefree, and this means many students can still learn even though they aren’t attending school during the morning or afternoon period. 
  • No place for boundaries – It goes without saying that now the students actually have to visit the schools to study! They can do so from their office, home or even cafes munching their favourite cookies! It has made learning easier for the students and instigated them to score well. 
  • More dedicated studies –Online classes aren’t just restricted to textbooks and physical lectures. This school goes beyond the classroom environment. Like, the students are provided various live classes links. They even watch YouTube videos to understand a matter perfectly. Then there are multiple puzzles and activities to keep the student engrossed more excitingly. It means many students find studying entertaining and interesting, and they perform better.
  • Students do not appear in exams seriously – This might be the biggest drawback of online studies and probably the only one negatively affecting their learning pattern. The students take the online exams very lightly. Though they get lots of time to study and various interesting mediums to do so, they still refer to shortcuts while giving online exams! But yes, if a student is learning through online mediums and writing the exams in an offline environment, this drawback vanishes automatically. 
  • Online studies have crossed the age boundaries – Earlier physical schooling was more or less age bounded. That is why if a student crossed that age limit, he/ she wouldn’t prefer to continue studying due to awkwardness in learning between the younger learners or other circumstances. But since learning became virtual, many older students got the confidence to resume their studies, and they are learning very well even with the other learners in an online environment. 

We can say that online learning has added many positive factors to education, and the students’ alternation in the studying pattern is mainly for good. And as these virtual classes are being improved constantly through the upcoming online apps and websites, we can say that the future of education looks pretty bright!