Experiencing Allergic Rhinitis Or Ear Infection? Here’s When You Should See An ENT


Have you woken up one morning with a stuffy feeling in your nose and a bit dizzy? That is probably allergic rhinitis in Singapore. Or your child going to your room one morning to tell you that they have a painful feeling in their ears? If you experience these things, you are better off visiting an ENT specialist for a sinusitis treatment or ear wax removal. They hold the relevant qualifications, licences, and expertise in providing treatment plans for patients

In this article, let us explore some examples of instances when you should see a doctor for medications and treatments.


An ENT (ears, nose, and throat) specialist diagnoses, provides treatment, and manages complications in those areas of the body. While symptoms come in different forms and severities, most patients who approach them experience pain and discomfort in their heads. Also, as part of their efforts in maintaining their expertise, they conduct research projects and partake in conferences. Because of this, patients who seek sinusitis treatment in Singapore get the best service possible. There is also a trust and professional relationship that binds the doctor and patient together.

Another thing about ENT specialists is their empathy or emotional connection with their patients. Of course, you want to be as comfortable as possible during surgeries and other treatment procedures. Another would be the importance of treating an ear infection in children. Parents want them to be as calm as possible during painful operations.

Overall, an ENT specialist is not just a doctor who treats diseases in particular body parts. They embark on a lifelong journey of learning about their field, and they go out of their way to provide solutions to patients. They have no reason to have qualms about getting an ear wax removal procedure in Singapore when the need arises.



ENTs treat a wide range of complications. They deal with allergic rhinitis in Singaporeand even facial reconstructive surgeries for children born with deformities. You might even say their skills are extensive! Here is a list of complications they treat.

  1. Sinusitis
  2. Sleeping problems or Apnea
  3. Ear infections
  4. Hearing loss
  5. Tonsillitis
  6. Voice issues
  7. Difficulties and discomfort in swallowing
  8. Tumour removal
  9. Breathing problems

Those are just a few examples of the problems they resolve, but the common denominator is that these things happen in the head. Patients also might experience things differently – like how an ear infection in children differs from adult cases.




Since they address complications in the ear, nose, and throat, symptoms will differ from one person to another. One can experience throbbing headaches, nose bleeding, and even pain in their throats. People also have to consider that ear infection symptoms in children differ from what adults feel.

The general rule of thumb for anything medical-related is to listen to your body and never ignore symptoms – no matter how trivial they are. Be on the lookout for these warning signs, and immediately visit a doctor when you experience them. Here is a list for you.


Headaches can be a simple indication of tiredness after a long day at work, long travelling hours, and other exhausting activities. However, in some cases, you might experience it because of allergic rhinitis that requires sinusitis treatmenteventually. In short, the simple symptom might be the tip of the iceberg – a small part of a much bigger problem that you need to solve.

In this case, do not dismiss headaches as something trivial. Instead, call an ENT specialist the moment you get the chance. If you need to wait for a few hours until a day, that is understandable, then go to a clinic at the earliest possible time.


Sleeping problems can be a hassle, especially when you are a corporate professional who needs to wake up early in the morning to prepare for another workday. You have nothing to worry about on some occasions – such as when you are thinking about a life decision or stressed with work or academic requirements.

However, if these things persist, get sinusitis treatment in Singapore or other procedures that aid your sleeping problem. It depends on the severity because the ENT might suggest medication for less severe cases and surgeries for more serious ones.


The occasional nosebleed is nothing serious when you are in a place with extreme temperatures, but if they constantly happen and bother your daily activities, it must be something serious.

If you accidentally shocked your nose, got into an injury, or started a new medication, immediately seek medical help from an ENT specialist. They will diagnose your illness – if there is any – and provide the appropriate treatment plan. Never overlook this symptom because it might be a case of severe allergic rhinitis in Singapore.


Are you wearing a headset the entire day because of distance learning and working from home? Or a commuter who uses a pair of noise-cancelling headphones? Never dismiss symptoms the moment you experience hearing issues. Why? You never know about them. Things might seem normal, but you are not aware of your deteriorating hearing.

Treatment issues range from mild medication to procedures like ear wax removal in Singapore. Visit a doctor first, and consult with them before deciding on a particular solution.


An ENT also provides solutions for throat pain and voice issues. Again, these things may seem trivial – like the morning dry coughs or raspy voice – but you should never dismiss them. It might be a case of severe allergic rhinitisor other diseases that affects your overall health.

What to do? Contact a doctor immediately for a consultation. If you have to wait for a few hours or days because of your schedule, be wary of home remedies because they do not have the same effect on different people. In short, the ENT knows better than your friend or someone who suggests these health tips.

Dr Jenica Yong is a renowned ENT who treats ear infection in children and allergic rhinitis in Singapore. If you experience these symptoms, contact her and book an appointment on your preferred schedule.