How is online learning evolve around the year


chalk, duster, and blackboard are the iconic elements of our childhood education. Before the advent of technology, these chalk and duster, and blackboard were used in the teaching-learning processes. But with technological development, along with other sectors, education has also witnessed a drastic change. With an extra twist, it often faced a rapid evolution as technology has influenced our day-to-day activities, such as cooking meals, making payments, checking weather forecasting, or even making contacts with others. And due to this, technology has influenced our education system and its methods slowly and now it has revolutionized our entire teaching-learning process. With the development of mobile phones and computers, the teaching-learning methods have also changed, nowadays, teaching is being done with the help of online learning applications through mobile phones or portable computers such as laptops.

How have the teaching learning processes changed over the years?

According to our traditional educational process, there was no particular place for schooling, then the concept of “pathshala” was used. To provide information, the teachers used to stand and recite all the required information in a concert and the students are only allowed to hear it and remember it. this type of system is quite tough to digest. And then with the technological development and the introduction of the internet facility, education is being provided in a more appealing way. Nowadays, students often like to learn through the online learning app as it is much more effective and time-saving in nature.

This technology has also provided the student and the teachers with visual learning tools such as smart classes, online learning applications to provide virtual classes, online quizzes, showing videos, etc. Such things are much more informative and the students often like to learn from this form of learning with fun. Not only that, the students could easily acquire and remember the information as presented through online learning platforms like “Extramarks”. The platforms like “Extramarks” often provide the experience of the virtual classes and help the students to access more information related to a given topic.

How online learning process is useful?

The evolution and popularization of the online learning process often help the people and pupils in various ways:

  • Flexibility: Especially due to pandemic, when the entire system of the world gets shattered and the development gets stagnated, even during that time, the process of making our future world was in progress and this has happened only due to the gift of the internet and online learning process. And due to that time, the candidates could avail the system and the information wherever they want. 
  • Reached to a wider audience: In a traditional way of learning processes, accommodating more candidates in a classroom is not possible, but in the online learning platform, one can accommodate as many candidates they want.
  • Time management: The online learning app often provides a class recording to its candidates. Hence, in any circumstances, if any candidates failed to attain the scheduled class, then also he can avail of the information from the class recordings. In this way, if any candidate is doing the job, he or she can easily continue with his or her further studies.

With so many advantages of the online learning options, the options of virtual classes and learning processes have been evolved and popularized over the year. If you want to know more details, follow the given links: