When to Service Your Air Conditioner (And How Often)


For most of the summer months, we rely on our air conditioners to keep us comfortable. When we flick the switch to turn on our air conditioners, we want to know that we’ll feel a whoosh of cool refreshing air. One way to ensure that your air conditioner will provide you relief from the heat is to have an expert HVAC technician service it.

Timing and frequency of your air conditioner maintenance is important; continue reading for more information.

When to Schedule Air Conditioner Service

You should have your air conditioner serviced before the weather gets hot, and you rely on it to keep you comfortable in your home. So, the best time of year to call your qualified HVAC technician is in early spring.

This provides your HVAC company with enough time to schedule your appointment. If your air conditioner needs any new parts, your HVAC technician can order and install them before the heat of the summer months. In the spring, it is warm enough outside so that your HVAC technician can run your air conditioner to fully test it.

Often, HVAC companies are not as busy in the spring performing emergency repairs. Some providers offer specials on annual maintenance in the spring, so check with your HVAC company for their pricing.

Why not Schedule HVAC Tune-ups in the Summer or Winter?

You might think that summer is a better time to schedule air conditioning service; however, HVAC companies have to prioritize performing repairs for their customers. If your air conditioning breaks down during a heat wave, you will be very uncomfortable waiting for your technician to arrive.

Scheduling routine maintenance on your air conditioner in the winter is not suggested either. Operating your air conditioner to analyze its performance can damage your unit during the very cold days of winter. Your unit may not operate correctly because of the cold, not because there are actual problems with it. So, it will be harder for a technician to evaluate its effectiveness.

Frequency of Air Conditioner Service

Not only should your air conditioner be serviced in the spring, but it should also be done every spring. An annual preventative service check should be performed on your air conditioner to ensure that it will provide you with cool air in the summer months.

In addition to improving the reliability of your air conditioner, annual service will ensure that your unit operates at its optimal efficiency. This will reduce the energy consumption of your unit and lower your utility bills. Checks on your air conditioner will extend the life of your unit as well.

Repairs performed on an annual basis will usually cost less than a complete shut down of your unit. Working with your HVAC contractor, you can better plan for significant repairs and/or a replacement of your unit. Technicians who service your unit annually will be better able to project the lifespan of your air conditioner.

Be sure to put a reminder on your calendar to call your HVAC company for your annual spring tune-up.