A Variety of Boltless Racks and Its Accommodating Accessories


Boltless industrial shelving, which is referred to as rivet racks, simplifies shelf placement for clients and may offer highly affordable storage solutions for businesses along with warehouse rack supplier in KL. Boltless industrial shelving is also known as rivet shelving. The absence of crossbeams makes it possible to reach every angle of the shelf, which simplifies the process of doing so. The usage of boltless shelving may save time and space in a variety of settings, including supply rooms, warehouses, households, and small businesses. There are many different kinds of boltless racks and accessories available; the one that you choose should rely on the items and the needs of the storage facility or another facility.

Design Characteristics of Boltless Shelving

Shelving without bolts is used to store light to medium weights that need to be accessed manually. Towers of boltless shelving may often be seen in warehouses, supply and distribution centers, in addition to other kinds of racks. Rivet shelving is a wonderful addition to mezzanine floors and catwalks since it is so simple to put in place and provides additional storage space. It is possible for boltless shelving to support weights of up to 2,000 lbs., depending on the kind. Not only are there no crossbeams in rivet shelves, but also there are no sway braces or panels in this kind of shelf construction.

  • Constituent parts

The decking, the vertical posts, and the horizontal beams make up the three components that comprise boltless shelving. Rack shelving systems often make use of either tee posts or angle posts for vertical or upright posts. Tee posts, which are linked at both ends, provide customers with the ability to attach additional boltless racks units. Angle posts are used to link freestanding units on every single one and also serve to stabilize them.

  • Assembly 

There are no nuts or bolts that are prone to be misplaced. To assemble the product, you will not need any torque wrenches or wrenches. To push the rivets in, the workers will require a rubber mallet. When a business has to build more shelving in a hurry, rivet shelves are fantastic solutions to consider because of this.

Several Varieties of Rivet Shelving

There are two distinct varieties of boltless storage: single rivet shelving, which has a low profile, and double rivet shelving, which has a large span. Depending on the manufacturer, you may choose from several different incarnations of each. 

  • Single Riveting

For increased durability and stiffness, shelving with a single rivet employs a twin rivet construction method for the upper part & bottom of the units. The remaining shelf levels are held together with a single rivet each. Single rivet shelving may come in widths ranging from 12 to 48 inches, depending on the manufacturer. The maximum width is 48 inches. Because the beams used are so much smaller, single rivet shelving is much easier to reach than double rivet shelves.

  • Double Rivet 

Shelves with double rivets may be manufactured by offer bin supplier Malaysia in widths up to 96 ′′. The manufacturers of double-rivet shelving provide additional alternatives, which allow customers to configure their shelves in various ways. Because of their bigger proportions, manual entry is made somewhat more difficult.