Tools To Leverage Your User Onboarding Process


‘User onboarding’ may happen to be a buzzword, and for the right reason. Spearheading your marketing strategy, user onboarding can increase the adaptation rate of your products. In this post, you will come to know about various tools, that may eventually strengthen your user onboarding process.

Firstly, let’s talk about what user onboarding actually is.

What is user onboarding?

In simple terms, user onboarding refers to the mechanism you adopt to make your customers familiar with your products or services. For digital products, you might come up with a video tutorial to explain all the features of your software. In a nutshell, a user onboarding software helps your customers to understand how your product or service operates.

Tools to adopt to strengthen user onboarding

  • LiveChat: This is a live chat platform, which you can deploy seamlessly to interact with potential clients. You can also offer real-time support for your products using this tool. It also supports analytics on responses through chat.
  • SurveyMonkey: If you want to offer offline surveys to your customers, SurveyMonkey would prove handy. You can carry out detailed market research and simple polls through this tool. It also accurately evaluates the feedback of your respondents.
  • Apxor: This product intelligence software helps in evaluating user behaviour. Based on this, you can develop product campaigns and in-app features. Apxor is one of the best tools to enhance user engagement. Particularly, this tool comes with a feature called ‘Apxor Behavioral Cues’. This enables one to make data-backed decisions, collecting information from the user behaviour.
  • Auth0: This tool works as a plug-in, offering user authorization and authentication. This software is compatible with various development stacks. Besides, you can use it on multiple devices. Besides, marketers can also go for Google or Facebook based user authentication.
  • ZenDesk: This is one of the most popular software for support ticketing. The tool would comprehensively help you to deal with customer service requests.

Well, if you are wondering how to improve user onboarding, integrate these tools into your business environment.