Bandung Tourist Attraction: Enjoy Natural Beauty with Vacation to Situ Patenggang Bandung


This Patenggang Bandung tourist attraction is a lake located near the White Crater. Situated on a plateau and surrounded by tea gardens, the atmosphere and scenery are fantastic.

Therefore, if you chance to be in the White Crater on holiday, do not forget to stop by this famous place. The journey from the White Crater for this location is quite brief. It only takes about ten minutes. During the excursion, you will find things to do in New Hampshire a beautiful view. The environment there is still fantastic and green.


In the event, the title of the place remains unfamiliar with your ears, then attempt to discover first all of the info here. You’ll be interested in seeing it, after understanding the intricacies, guaranteed.

History of Situ PatenggangCiwidey

The same as other tourist attractions such as TangkubanPerahu and Prambanan Temple, the tourist area of ​​Ciwidey Situ Patenggang has a legend behind it.

For the name itself, there are two titles. The initial is Situ Patengan. The word comes in Sundanese, specifically”Pateangan,” so looking for each other. The second title is Situ Patenggang, which comes from the Sundanese language, which has a meaning from time and distance. Let’s look at the narrative if you’re interested in the myth.


Nevertheless, both names refer to the story of fans who love each other. A pair of people who were hit by romance was Ki Santang and DewiRengganis.

Ki Santang is the son of King Siliwangi, the King of Pajajaran, who was known to be intelligent and wise. On the contrary, DewiRengganis is a girl from a village that resides in a mountainous area.

Both have an extremely strong relationship, but sadly they have to be separated from distance and time. They also try to seek out each other until one day they had been successfully met in a location where there was a stone, which we now know as BatuCinta.

Following the assembly, DewiRengganis requested where there is a little island in the center, Ki Santang, to create a lake. The island is currently known as Sasuka Island or at Indonesian means Asmara Island.

Then come to Situ Patenggang Bandung. As a result of this love, a fantasy emerged from the community that stated that anybody who wants his love affair lasts. Do not forget to see Sasuka Island along with BatuCinta.

Whether your trips take you to a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas, and resorts or urban attractions, extra research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Situ Patenggang Bandung by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.