The secret of modern rugs will guide you through the world of rugs and carpets, showing you how to select the best flooring for your home, from classic designs to modern options with style, warmth, and durability. Each chapter contains an in-depth look at how rugs are made and how they were inspired. The book also includes chapters on buying process, choosing an area rug or runner, choosing colors/colors variations, and even advice on maintenance

Designers and entrepreneurs from around the world share their personal experiences and secrets behind successful contemporary rugs. Featuring product photography and design sketches, this book explores the minds of young designers as well as established industry professionals. From new textiles to fabric structure and color considerations, the secret of modern rugs is a practical guide to the modern rug market that will appeal both to rug enthusiasts and those seeking information on manufacturing techniques used in production. The secret of modern rugs is in their materials and design. In this book, you’ll learn the science behind successful rug-making to craft a high-end rug that will last for years to come.


Modern rugs have become very popular in recent years and they’re becoming more prevalent as decorating trends begin to shift. But this has led to confusion on where modern design begins and traditional design ends.

One of the mistakes made by many people who are not informed before buying modern rugs is that they buy them because it is available in the market and looks attractive. The expert dealers or distributors always have a large selection of different types, sizes, and colors of modern rugs at their disposal. However, once we buy something, we do not know why it has to be kept at home unless we somehow manage to cross that barrier. Another common mistake with modern rugs is they need to be wiped clean after every use. In this way quite often, you end up getting damaged material by completely wasting your hard-earned money

The main mistake when buying a rug is trying to express the most modern design possible, which doesn’t always go together with high-quality materials. The result of this will be a high price tag and a very simple structure.


Modern rugs give a modern interior the edgy look of an urban loft. With deep colors and bold patterns, stylized abstract designs, and flat-woven details, rugs are a modern-day way to add character and personality to your living space. The design of modern rugs is all about style and beauty. With so many styles to choose from, it can be challenging to find the right one for your home. The tips below will help you find just the right rug for your room.

When it comes to buying rugs, you should know that the best way to invest is by purchasing a quality rug. If you’re looking for a replacement rug after some time, be sure that you use the same color scheme so that your room doesn’t look out of place.