Six tips to make your bathroom look expensive/luxury


One can use a small budget to make a bathroom look luxurious. You can incorporate a few changes in your bathroom and make it look elegant. Bathroom design helps you make the most of your bathroom space. A luxury space is created by adding custom touches that embody the highest quality in interior décor. A luxurious bathroom has three elements: the right textures, colours and natural materials.

Following are six tips to make your bathroom look expensive-

Update the shower curtains.

We often tend to overlook the shower curtains in our bathrooms. We do not pay as much heed to them as we do to the furniture in the bathroom. However, it is vital to replace them from time to time. You should try replacing the curtain with a glass rod instead of a wooden one, as it looks classy. Consider replacing shower curtains with sliding glass doors, as they are unique and come in all shapes and sizes. Bathroom design increases the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the bathroom.

Use white for simplicity.

You should use white countertops and cabinets to create the backdrop for a simple and elegant bathroom. The white colour exudes pure luxury and class. Light, neutral paint and white bath linens make your bathroom look like a hotel one. A simple bathroom looks expensive if you splurge your money on quality rugs and towels.

Make use of a monochromatic colour scheme.

It is a known fact that the most expensive bathrooms are spa-inspired. Bathroom design is crucial, and you should use simple colours and materials for spa-inspired bathrooms because of their relaxing qualities. You can create a monochromatic scheme by adding a soothing colour and then blending in that colour’s lighter and darker shades.

Upgrade the bath products.

Bath products are the ensembles that are present in your bathroom. The type of products you keep in your bathroom matter a lot as they increase the luxury quotient of your bathroom. Keeping higher-end bath products is a straightforward way to elevate the look of your bathroom. Only use good quality products in your bathroom.

Make use of painted furniture in your bathroom.

To create a luxurious custom-style bathroom, all you need is a coat or two of paint. Paint is a crucial part of bathroom design, and the best type of paint for bathrooms is semi-gloss or satin paint. You should choose the paint that will last a while. The paint should not absorb moisture from the air; otherwise it might lead to the paint degrading. Grey coloured paint will give the bathroom a vanity feel.

Make use of tiles in your bathroom.

Tiles can be a timeless update to your bathroom design and you should choose neutral colours and simple designs. Another significant benefit of installing tiles in your bathroom is that they are water-resistant. Bathroom tiles are very easy to clean and they tend to repel water.

These are some very important bathroom design ideas you can incorporate in your bathroom design process.