Reasons Why You Need an Armed Security Guard for Your Schools in Houston


What is the significance of having armed protection surrounding a school? Why should schools hire or use armed security guards? Adam Lanza, 20, opened fire at Sandy Hook Elementary School and killed around 26 pupils mainly students. Adam had murdered his own mother only a few hours before the school attack. Adam killed himself after the massacre, which was the second worst in American history, behind only the 2007 Virginia Polytechnic University shootings, which killed 32 people. Is this the only example in federal books? No, it is not. That is why armed security guard services are so essential to educational institutions.

Benefits of Having Armed Security Guards at a School.

There are several benefits to employing an armed school security guard. These major reasons demonstrate why you should seriously consider strengthening your school’s security.

  • Reduced incidence of violence.

The tragedy that occurred in 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School may have been prevented if armed guards had been stationed there. Or, at the very least, the number of casualties would be significantly decreased. You need another armed person to disarm someone who is already armed. Armed security personnel can help disarm and thwart any criminal’s plans.

  • Greater vigilance.

Security guards with firearms can help monitor pupils more effectively. People’s signs of depression or excessive aggression may be detected in this way. Most students who open fire in schools are troubled youth who have been feeling down for some time before acting out violently. Armed security personnel can help by keeping a watch out for depressed pupils and reporting them to school administration so that necessary action can be taken.

  • Reaction to violent crime.

In the case of a disaster, like a mass shooting, armed guards have the capacity to disarm or eliminate the gunman, perhaps saving lives. The deployment of armed security guards can also aid in the prevention of violent crime. If a villain is contemplating attacking a school and sees security cameras and armed guards, they may be discouraged.

  • Emergency response.

Another advantage of armed school security personnel is on-call support in the event of an emergency. Security guards may be the first to arrive if a student needs CPR or emergency medical attention. They might also be the ones who would have to call for emergency medical personnel to respond. In an emergency, a security guard’s ability to react fast may often determine the distinction between life and death.

  • Screening at the entrance and exit.

For an extra layer of protection, security guards may be mandated to screen outsiders and maintenance staff entering and departing the facility. They may also conduct security checks on schoolchildren’s bags and any suspicious things being brought into the institution. These inspections often prevent the entry of firearms and other assault weapons into school premises and uncover possible criminal actors.

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