Reasons Why Raw Cat Food Diets from Houston Raw Pet Foods are Safe for Kittens


You will appreciate the difference in your cat’s behavior in the litter tray after switching them to a raw diet. A raw diet is similar to what feline cats consume in the wild. There are lots of benefits to raw cat feeding, including weight management, better digestion, higher energy levels, and maintenance of good dental health.

Reasons Why Raw Cat Food Diets are Safe for Kittens

Many cat owners are now opting for raw cat food diets for their feline companions because they have come to realize that their cats will reap more health benefits from it than from commercial cat food. However, there is some question as to whether or not it is safe to give raw food to kittens. While it’s true that kittens are especially susceptible to certain kinds of bacteria that can be present in raw cat food diets, there are a number of reasons why raw cat food can still be healthy for them. Here are some reasons why raw cat food is safe and beneficial to kittens:

  • Kittens are naturally carnivorous

Kittens, like adult cats, are natural carnivores, so they do best on a high-protein diet. Kittens require a lot of protein and other minerals to develop normally, and raw cat food is a great place to get them. Kittens can benefit from a healthy raw cat food diet if it is correctly prepared and stored.

  • Kittens’ immune systems are much more robust than we think

Kittens are more susceptible to some bacteria than adults, but their robust immune systems help keep them healthy. Kittens should be introduced to raw cat food as soon as possible to further decrease the likelihood of health issues.

  • Raw cat food is nutritionally perfect

All raw cat food providers are not designed equally and do not use the same ingredients in preparing raw cat food. However, each distributor is keen to offer balanced raw diets that contain all nutrients necessary for a kitten’s development.

  • Raw cat food can greatly benefit kittens health-wise

Proponents of raw cat food claim that it has many advantages for feline health, such as promoting better digestion, enhancing skin and fur health, and fortifying teeth and bones. Kittens’ bodies are developing; hence, these health benefits can be very vital to their well-being.

  • Raw cat food can be properly prepared

Preparing and handling raw cat food properly will guarantee that it is safe for your kitten. It is important to take precautions when preparing and storing raw meat in order to prevent the spread of bacteria. These include washing your hands thoroughly before and after handling raw meat, cutting it into small pieces, and using different utensils and cutting boards for raw meat from the ones used for human purposes.

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When choosing a raw pet food distributor, it’s essential to do your research and consider a number of variables, such as product quality, variety, cost, availability, and customer care. Houston Raw Pet Food is the city’s leading distributor of raw pet food. Our raw cat food diets are tailored to each cat’s unique dietary requirements.