Environmentalists Are Praising Apple for Discontinuing Charger and headphones


Apple has always been big in sustainability. This company is taking various efforts to cut down its carbon footprint and emission.

As we know, smartphone manufacturing companies contribute to land and water pollution. These companies are also responsible for generating waste.

Most of the top tech companies are taking several efforts to control pollution and emission. These companies are using recycled plastic and are cutting down the usage of plastic.

To reduce their plastic usage, NASDAQ AAPL has come up with a new strategy. They have stopped providing charger and headphones in the phone box.

Now, you will get iPhones and other Apple products without any charger and headphone.

Why Apple Took This Decision?

Most of the user already has multiple chargers at our home. So when we buy a new phone, the new charger is useless. It either stays inside the box goes into the bin.

It results in plastic waste and pollution. It is very bad for our earth. We need to change our ways in order to survive.

This new approach is good for the company, people as well as the planet. While most of the people consider this act to be stingy on Apple’s part, others appreciated the company.

Benefits of Apple’s New Plan:

This new plan by NASDAQ AAPL is very beneficial. There are many advantages to this plan. Here are some of the benefits.

  • Less Plastic: There is less plastic usage. It is one of the biggest environmental concerns. Most of the plastic goes in manufacturing chargers and headphones. Now, Apple will be able to reduce plastic waste.
  • Less Pollution: Less plastic means less pollution. When there will be less plastic in phones, there will be less plastic on the earth. It will help reduce pollution.
  • Packaging Cost: The Company can save on packaging cost as there is less space needed. Apple is now, small packaging to deliver products. It saves the packaging cost of the company, which will decrease the overall cost of the phone.
  • Transportation Cost: As the weight of the box has decreased, and the box needs less space, transportation becomes easier. Now Apple can also save on transportation cost. It will reduce the overall cost.
  • Less Energy Consumption: In order to manufacture chargers and headphones, more energy is needed. Apple can now save their energy cost as there is no need to manufacture chargers and headphones.

Many people are raising the efforts Apple is taking towards controlling their carbon footprints. Xiaomi has also started using less plastic. More and more companies are coming up with new ways to control plastic waste. If you want to know more, you can check AAPL news.

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