Legal Supports for The Theft Cases for You


Shoplifting and theft by employees unfortunately make up a large proportion of the loss in retail and therefore have a large impact on net profit. One estimate assumes that in 2019 no less than 13 percent lost inventory due to theft. So it is time to take action to prevent shrinkage. Here are some useful tips for you.

Visual interior design

  • Keep a good overview of your entire sales area. Avoid having too many billboards that are too high as they block the view.
  • Use mirrors to avoid blind spots.
  • Keep a record of the number of items of clothing taken into changing rooms.
  • Use warning signs.
  • Post a sign saying “Shoplifters Will Be Shown” at the entrance where customers can see it first.
  • Put up a second of these signs above head level where shoplifters are most likely to look for security cameras.
  • Signs with painted eyes double the chance that people will adhere to them.

Visible security systems

  • The criminals know that they are being watched if television screens are set up so that they can watch themselves as they enter the store.
  • Make your security systems visible to the customer, regardless of whether it is a camera or a mirror.
  • Use signs to inform customers that their behavior can be recorded.

Securing high-priced goods

  • Only place high-quality items such as DVD players or televisions in the full field of vision of the employees.
  • Prevent “grab’n’go” theft by placing the goods far away from the exit.
  • Keep as few items as possible on the shelf or in the exhibition space.

Vending machines for small premium products

Invest in vending machines for small premium products such as razor blades, cigarettes or medicines. With a vending machine, the customer always pays before receiving the goods. If the high-priced items can no longer be stolen, thieves generally stay away. In case of any legal matter for the same you can opt for Merriam Municipal Court now.

Engage your employees

  • Discuss your theft prevention strategy with your employees.
  • Let your employees walk through the store and contact the customer.
  • Show your employees what suspicious behavior can be and which items are particularly at risk of theft.

Constant attention

  • Be vigilant and watch your customers’ shopping activity.
  • Try to identify common theft methods and characteristics.
  • Sales staff should be vigilant and alert suspicious customers of their presence.

Beware of employee theft

  • Ask your employees about job satisfaction and make them feel valued.
  • Follow strict arbitration rules should there be any discrepancies.
  • Create a culture of honesty. Tell your employees that you must report criminal behavior as soon as you become aware of it.

Prevent credit card abuse

Credit cards are never entered into the system by hand. If a signature is required, the signatures must be compared. Educate your employees about the purchasing behavior of people with stolen credit cards. For example, they often buy goods that can be easily resold, buy many identical parts at once and want to complete the payment process as quickly as possible.