Deck Construction: Making a Special Spot for Your Spa with Deck builders near Toronto


Decks are now commonplace in new home construction and home renovation projects, making them an integral part of the modern household. The trend of building an outdoor living area into a home’s expansion continues even in the colder months of fall and winter. Getting out of the house like this is a good way to prevent cabin fever. Traditional deck design is becoming obsolete as homeowners push the envelope with their deck builders in terms of the materials and designs they can use to spruce up their home’s exterior.

Wood is often recommended as the material of choice when it comes to the construction of a spa deck by deck builders. This is primarily due to wood’s low price and the fact that it provides many of the same advantages as more expensive materials. In spite of its attractive appearance, tile should never be used in climates with freezing temperatures. Depending on the product and the installation method chosen by the Deck builders near Toronto, the cost of having stone installed can range from $40 to $80 per square foot. Using stone to surround a hot tub or spa is a wonderful design choice.

Because of the spa’s inherent risk of slips and falls, many spa owners request the more expensive tile and stone for the surrounding area. To counter this, deck builders can easily use non-slip additives that can be mixed into solid stains. Stained wood with properly spaced joints provides adequate slip resistance for any outdoor spa environment, despite the fact that this is a fantastic example of forward thinking.

Keeping Your Outdoor Area Private

Spa decks, like swimming pool decks, can have privacy fences built around their perimeters by the homeowner with the help of professional deck builders. Privacy screens for the deck where the hot tub is located are not only a great aesthetic addition, but also serve a number of practical purposes. Homeowners can get passive screening from their neighbours and some much-needed shade from an appropriately placed deck screen. It’s not a good idea to seal off the spa completely if you want your guests to feel completely at ease there. Feeling “boxed in”? Some plants and lathe will help you feel more at ease.

Trending Hot Tub Designs from Professional Deck Builders

While it’s understandable that you want your deck to stand out on your property, deck builders will work with you to recommend a design that complements your home and landscape. Standard designs for spa areas and hot tub decks recommend allocating at least 12 square feet to a hot tub. After that, the deck’s dimensions are up to individual taste and the available outdoor area. Add some finishing touches to the plan to make the space more inviting, such as benches, flower pots, or a pergola built specifically for your deck.

You don’t have to stick to the tried-and-true when designing a spa on your deck; instead, you can get creative by incorporating elements of formal or architectural decor. Your deck need not be a boring extension of your home. Many homeowners find that their decks benefit from the addition of “vertical interest” provided by a pergola. Creating a more intimate and “seclusive” atmosphere in one’s home is easier than one might think. No matter which route you take, deck builders in your area can help you find a design that suits your needs and aesthetic goals.