4 Fundamental Techniques to Enhance your Rifle Shooting Skills


Once you get yourself started in the world of rifle shooting, you will most likely never stop. It is the definition of addictive and pure fun. However, to get to this point you must have the right gun to start with. There is a whole lot of gun options to choose from, but air rifles come highly recommended owing to their ease of handling. Whether you are beginner or an expert you are most likely to get the thrill from an air rifle. The BSA R10 SE Thumbhole Air Rifle is a great start. Once you have your gun, then begins the actual work – the practice. You need to practice extensively to build that confidence and accuracy that Hollywood depicts all the time. 

What are you practicing? 

You will not just be practicing aimlessly though. Going on a freestyle shooting experience at the shooting range is perfectly okay. However, if you are looking to advance your rifling skills and to make the most of your BSA R10 SE thumbhole air rifle, there are specific techniques that you should strive to build. These include: 

  • Aim 

This is the one thing that almost everyone who touches a gun tries to achieve because without aim you will likely lose interest in the rifle at some point. Imagine going hunting and every time you do, you miss all your shots. You can purchase a scope which will help you improve your aim. Closing one eye is not a must; just so you know. Keep both of your eyes open to reduce the strain on them and ease focusing. 

  • Control your breathing 

Breathing can easily throw your shot off. When you are ready to take the shot take a deep breath and exhale half of it, hold the rest as you pull the trigger. Holding your breath for too long will accelerate your pulse and make your arm move. When this starts happening, stop, take another deep breath. Beware, the thrill of the game can make it hard to control your breathing. It is even worse if you have a powerful rifle like the BSA R10 Black

  • Hold your aim 

This is probably the biggest challenge that even experienced shooters struggle with. It gets worse if you are one of those people who fidget when you are focusing on something. Here are some tips that will help you improve this. Instead of eliminating the fidgety movement focus your efforts on minimizing the area of movement and focus all the necessary movements on the target. 

  • Squeezing the trigger 

Yes, there is formula to squeezing the trigger. It is not just about pulling it and expecting the shot to speed out of the barrel. Jerking movements on the trigger can move the rifle enough to miss your shot. This is even with advanced air guns which are meant to enhance accuracy such as the To correct for the jerky motion, you need to ensure that your finger is positioned comfortable on the trigger such that the trigger rests on the end of your finger. Apply a slow and steady pressure on the trigger till the gun fires. You might experience a bit of resistance, especially if it is your first time using you gun but as you get accustomed to the gun, you will know the amount of pressure to apply.