Which size is the right clothing size for your bulldog?


Choosing the right sized clothes for a frenchie dog can seem to be a challenging job, especially because of the unique body structure. They have a short size with bat ears, big head and a thick neck. Most of the owners have a common question while buying clothes for their pets: ‘which size is the right size for French dogs?’ If you are the one looking for the same answer, you are in the right place!

Determining the right size of clothes

French dogs are small dogs and the weight may vary between 8kg to 12 kg. However, the weight of the female dogs may vary slightly. The weight of a female frenchie is between 8kg to 10kgs approximately. As far as the measurements are concerned, the thick body parts like neck, belly, and chest have to be measured. Starting with the neck, the circumference ranges from 33 to 37cm. When buying Blue French bulldog shirt, it is recommended to buy a little extra measurement than the real one. Your pet will also feel extremely comfortable with it.

It is extremely essential to take the right measurements before buying clothes for French bulldogs. This is because of their short noses. If you buy anything uncomfortable or something that is of tight fittings, your bulldog can face issues with breathing or he might feel choked. This is more important when you are buying collars. The best option here is to buy harnesses. Collars are not at all recommended for small pups especially if they haven’t learnt to walk on chains. To avoid any injuries to the neck, harnesses would be the right option.

Another essential thing to consider before buying French bulldog shirt is to correctly measure the back length. It is essential to consider the length of the back before buying pajamas or any other outfit and accessories. The Brachy breed is highly sensitive and a wrong move can lead to serious injuries to your pooch. However the back length will differ from one dog to the other because it absolutely depends on the type of French bulldog you have.

There are stores which are mainly specialized for French bulldogs only. Most of the products are made keeping in mind the body structure and the health conditions of the dog. Because French bulldogs are susceptible to numerous health problems, all of their clothes have to be customized.