Which are the new Microgaming slots released in October?


In this article, we are going to tell you about new slots made and released by Microgaming. Also, we will discuss what is online gambling and also its history.

What are online gambling and its history?

Online gambling is a form of gambling that is done through electronic means like the internet. Online gambling was first introduced in the 90s when the first-ever online casino was released in the market. There are different games and types of betting which you can do on these online casinos.

You can play games like slot online, blackjack, roulette, poker and also do sports and other types of betting. Online gambling will require you to invest money in a risky thing in the hope of winning good returns. Online gambling has ruined the life of many people as they were addicts and lost all their money.

They do not even have any money so that they can bet or even try to play a game to win more. The best company which makes these kinds of games and the website is the Microgaming industry. This is a very old industry and is released in the business of making cards, dices and other things.

What are branded slots?

These are the kind of slot which you can play online without any worry about its security. This is because they are branded and have been trusted by many people around the world. Branded slots have a high amount of returns, and also safety is provided to all the players.

The only thing is that these slots are most costly to play than the other ones. These are all high-quality slot game which is created by a good company. Also, these slots are emerged by giving all the players an immersive experience of playing these games.

These branded slots have also tied up with many big companies to bring different themes. These branded slots have become popular due to the players and also the trust created over the years.

New games developed by Microgaming

This is the list of the game which are developed by the Microgaming industry.

  •  Deadmau5

This is a slot game that comprises a five-reel slot game. It is branded with a title that is sure to attract people from a young age to try this game.

  •  Neptune’s Riches

This is a game created with the Just For The Win (JFTW) company and has a new and unique ocean theme. This game is focused on the god named Neptune, which is a god of the sea in Greek Mythology.

  •  Tarzan and jewel of Opar

This is made with collaboration with Gameburger Company Studios for making these games. This slot game has all the features and power-ups according to the Tarzan movie.

  •  Silverback

This is a slot game that is created, keeping in mind the score multiplier. It has a kind of jungle theme attached to it and has reels, according to them.

  •  African legends

This game has an African background to it, and there is a different kind of animals and powers in the reels.