What Will Be The Best Strategy to Place Bets on Handicap Horse Racing?


Before knowing the strategy to place bets on handicap Horse Racing Betting it is important to know every single detail about handicap horse racing. British Horseracing Authority or commonly known as BHA, has set some rules in horse racing to put the thrilling level high. Let’s see what handicap horse racing is.

What is Handicapped Horse Racing?

Handicapped horse racing is a race where each horse will assume as equal. To make all the horses equal, the horses are going under some arrangements. Most of the time, it is putting on some extra weight. For example, assume there are two horses. One of them is fit and has a rating of 9 out of 10 and another horse has a rating of 6. The second horse is a handicap. Now if those two are going in the race field together then according to BHA, the fittest horse has to put some extra loads on it. Thus they’ll be equal. There will be three races organized between those two horses. The best of two winners will get the winner tag.

These kinds of decisions are being taken by BHA. How much load will be added and how many ratings must be placed on the winner and loser, everything is on BHA.

How Does a Horse Get Selected as Handicap?

Getting an official rating decides whether a horse is a handicap or not. The selection process is easy. The finishing position depends. After making equal all the horses, if any horse becomes runner up, then it is marked as a handicap. The selection process stands after three rounds of races.

What Will Be The Betting Strategy for Handicap Horse Race?

The betting strategy is easy. Just go through the guidelines and records properly. But there is an additional thing which helps you to proceed with a clear idea. That is the betting options. A gambler needs to know everything about the betting options and odds of the horse race. Then fix your strategy. Here are some examples, how to fix it.

  • First of all, if you are interested in handicapped horse racing then choose a better horse. You can see the ratings in the info section. Never select a horse that has a continuous loss track record.
  • Know the horse marks properly. The marks of the Handicap race will give you a clear idea to place bets. But make sure, you don’t misunderstand it. Because a horse has a specific mark doesn’t mean that it can’t do better, it can’t lose its control in the next match. The exception is always a part of a gamble but in a general sense, it can be your strategy to select the horse.
  • Know this, it is hard for the weaker horses to beat the strong horses even the strongest are on weight. Physical fitness can beat the weaker ones even if they have extra loads. So, it would be better for you to select the strongest ones.

These are all about the strategies of handicap horse racing. You can make your strategy too. Just read the instructions on the site.