Vape Coil Maintenance Tips


Vape coils are an integral component of any vaping device – without them, there would be no vapor!

They should be replaced every 2-4 weeks. When your คอยล์บุหรี่ไฟฟ้า starts to wear out, you will notice a loss of flavor, your e-liquid turning darker and your vapor production decreasing.

Rebuildable Coils

Rebuildable atomizers differ from standard (also known as stock) atomizers in that they require the user to build, assemble and wick their coils themselves. While this may seem complex at first glance, it offers users complete customization of their experience while saving money over time.

Rebuildable atomizers come in several varieties, such as RBAs, RDAs, and RDTAs.

RBAs (rebuildable atomizers) are the most common type of rebuildable atomizer. These usually come in single or dual-coil designs and provide the simplest vaping experience.

Replaceable Coils

The vape coil is an integral element of your atomizer. A burned-out or malfunctioning coil can leave your e-juice tasting unappealing, so it’s essential to regularly maintain them.

Maintaining the cleanliness and sanitation of your coils is an essential step to make them last longer. Doing this ensures your vape vapor has an optimal flavor, and you don’t need to replace them as often.

A dirty coil can also make your vape taste burned, so it’s essential to clean it regularly. Doing so not only saves you time but money as well – saving both in the long run.

Periodic Rinsing

When using a vape coil, it’s essential to keep it clean in order to prevent buildup or gunk that could negatively affect vapor production. Regular rinsing can help ensure your coils last longer and deliver consistent flavor every time.

Always rinse your atomizer and coils with water, gently rubbing to prevent any damage or buildup. Additionally, it is wise to use a microfibre cloth to clear away any debris from the coils.

It is essential to allow your coiled atomizer to dry completely before using it again. Doing so will extend its lifespan and guarantee excellent flavor, especially when using thicker e-liquids.


Coils are an integral component of your vaping device, heating up e-liquid to form vapor which then enters your lungs through the drip tip and mouthpiece.

Over time, coils can become dirty due to dust, debris, or an accumulation of e-liquid flavor.

Boiling helps clean your coils, but it is only a temporary fix. Boiling will not restore the coil back to its original state and could even cause harm if done incorrectly.