The Top 3 Ft. Myers Fishing Destinations


Did you know that overall fishing participation continues to increase with almost 55 million Americans fishing at least once per year? If fishing is your preferred type of vacation, you need to visit Fort Myers, Florida!

Ft. Myers fishing destinations come in different sizes and there is something for everyone.

Do you enjoy boating and fishing? Would you rather fish from a coastline or pier? Ft. Myers has it all!

Keep reading to learn the top three fishing spots in the area.

  1. Sanibel Causeway

Sanibel Island is a great Ft. Myers fishing destination during high tide. You can enjoy fishing from the shore and on the beach with a valid fishing license.

If you don’t have one, go to the nearby Bait Box where they will sell you a Florida fishing license. You can also get some live bait and tackle while you are there.

The lighthouse is a picturesque place to fish near, but anywhere along the beach will be a perfect casting point. You can even fish along the Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge.

If you prefer to fish from a pier, the island has that as well! You can also find charters to join if you want to enjoy a deep sea fishing experience.

  1. Fort Myers Fishing Pier

Another one of the fishing spots in Florida is the Fort Myers Fishing Pier. This is the best place to catch typical coastal fish and sting rays!

The water beneath the pier is clear so you’ll be able to get a good look at what is in the water. You can even watch the waves go by if you want a chill experience.

The fishing pier is perfect for morning casters who like to fish before the water heats up.

During the day, you’ll find that the pier is filled with activity. You’ll hear nearby live music and can visit bait, snack, or gift shops near the pier.

  1. Punta Rassa

Another one of the best places in Florida to fish is Punta Rassa. This is the perfect place to be if you are looking for more fishing varieties.

You can enjoy deep sea fishing in the morning or afternoon to catch more than the typical coastal fish. There are also options for all-day adventures on the water.

You can find charters that will bring you near reds, snooks, tarpons, and other fish species! Find out more about Ft. Myers boating at

If you prefer to stick to fishing onshore, Punta Rassa Cove is along the coastline.

Ft. Myers Fishing Destinations to Visit

Florida local fishing doesn’t get any better than a visit to Fort Myers. Although there are plenty of places to fish in the area, these three Ft. Myers fishing destinations are top choices.

Whether you enjoy coastal fishing or prefer to fish from a boat, there is something for you. Go on your next fishing vacation to Ft. Myers, Florida to enjoy the local fishies.

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