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In case of the Affiliate marketing process, once our site is verified, we will have access to all the menu features. Among them we can find:

Online Affiliates General Panel: In this section we will have access to all the statistics of our account, be it balance, income, records, number of deposits, active trader, earnings, etc.

Statistics: From here we can obtain more detailed statistics which we can segment by dates, day, countries, etc.

Promotion: Here we can find all the material to promote the online Broker. We will have available banners, links, widgets, videos, logos etc, to promote on our website.

Payments: In this option we can configure our means of payment. We have 2 types of balances that are the Unregulated and the Regulated (below we will go deeper into the payment conditions) .

Support: From here we will have access to the frequently asked questions to resolve any questions you have in this regard.

News: We will have access to the latest news that is implemented or occurs on the platform.

Subsidiary Program: Here we will find statistics of our affiliated online invited users as well as the material to promote the platform. The benefit per guest is 5% but can be increased up to 15% depending on the good income of the affiliates.

Online Affiliates

Knowing how online Affiliates works and knowing the menu functions, it is important to know other important points such as the payment requirements and the Revenue Share (payment plan) . You can Follow this guide  and understand how Evergreen Wealth Formula can be useful in helping you earn a lot through the affiliate marketing. It is actually the training that will ready you for the marketing process.



We go on to review the payment section which is very important since we must meet some requirements in order to request our earnings. We must also clarify what is the balance of regulated and unregulated.

Guest Suite 

Leader in the customer reviews management market, Guest Suite makes every effort to ensure the reputation of its customers. Active in many sectors such as tourism, automotive, real estate or small businesses, our company puts its know-how at the service of your brand image.

Why are there two types of balances?

Having two different balances allows us to comply with the financial transparency requirements. Is that how it works:

By registering an affiliate account, you enter into an agreement with online affiliates., one of the legal entities of the online group, and after verifying that their traffic sources are suitable to attract users from non-European countries, that is, countries that They are not members of the European Economic Area (EEA). The commission earned by these users is added to the unregulated balance, and payments from this balance will be sent.