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Because it has wheels that rotate, a trolley bag from American Tourister can be your ideal travel companion because it makes it easy to carry your luggage. With an adjustable handle on many of these American Tourister bags, you won’t have to work hard to pull your luggage.

When you go out and see the world’s wonders and beauty, how do you think you should carry all of your travel gear? Obviously, a travel bag by the brands American Tourister or Skybags with great comfort! Travelers enjoy using a variety of modes of transportation; automobiles, planes, trains, buses, and boats. Their suitcases and travel bags remain the same regardless of the mode of transportation they choose. However, each travel bag from different brands like American Tourister and others may have a different design.

Whether you’re looking for a travel bag for women or a travel bag for men, you can find a wide range of sizes and shapes online and in stores. From those who travel less frequently to those who travel more frequently, there is something for everyone. We have the ideal list for you if you love to travel and want to buy high-quality luggage or a travel bag that will protect your belongings. We’ll show you the best options, from being able to pack more efficiently to having everything at your fingertips whenever you need it.

American Tourister bags are lightweight, spacious, and capable of carrying a substantial load. They are available in a variety of colors and designs to suit your tastes.

Let us have a look at these premium Trolley Bags you can use for your vacation at a low price at Myntras End Of Reason Sale.

American Tourister

American Tourister is a globally recognized brand and one of the leading providers of luggage. American Tourister was established as a luggage manufacturer in 1933. When Samsonite acquired this brand in 1993, the two leading manufacturers of bags in the world joined forces. Over 90 nations are represented by this brand, which is constantly expanding.


For the modern traveler, the Safari Polycarbonate 53cm Hard Trolley Bag is the ideal bag. It is made to withstand travel’s rigors and is made of tough polypropylene. The water-resistant design helps to keep your belongings dry, and the hard casing shields them from bumps and scratches.

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger’s preppy with a twist designs, which celebrate the spirit of traditional American cool style, make it one of the most prestigious designer lifestyle companies in the world. Established in 1985, Tommy Hilfiger offers superior fashion, high standards, and quality to customers worldwide. Clothing, shoes, accessories, perfumes, home goods, and travel accessories are all included in its line of products.



Skybags The Skybags Polycarbonate 65 cm Hard Trolley Bag is the ideal travel companion because it comes equipped with numerous features that will make your trip more pleasurable and convenient. Your belongings are protected by the hard casing, and the push-button trolley and retractable handle make it easy to move. The 30-degree wheels make it simple to turn and the smooth ride provided by the four-wheel drive

The convipack has ample space for all of your belongings and can be easily stored thanks to the retractable top and side handles.

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