Parx Casino offers Philadelphia sportsbook with huge bonuses


Since the rollout of legalized sports betting in the state of Pennsylvania in May of 2019, Philadelphia residents have been delighted by the fact that one of the nation’s foremost sportsbooks is now present within their hometown.

 Parx Casino has been a presence throughout the Philadelphia area and the state of Pennsylvania since 1974. In that year, Parx Casino was founded as a small horse racing track that allowed on-site betting. Over the years, Parx Casino expanded to include a large gaming floor as well as a poker room and a sportsbook on site.

Today, Parx Casino ranks among the most renowned gaming operators in the entire country. It is certainly a leader within the sector throughout the state of Pennsylvania, offering bettors the best lines, world-class customer service and a reputation for fairness and fast payouts that is rivaled by virtually no one.

Philadelphia sports book open online operations

As the first Philadelphia sportsbook, Parx Casino provides both robust online and live opportunities for customers to place bets on their favorite sporting events.

However, many do not have the time to drive to the physical sportsbook, preferring instead to place their bets online, either through their desktop or through their mobile device. Now, Parx Casino makes doing so extremely easy. With a world-class gaming interface, it has never been easier to place bets on virtually any sporting event that is taking place in the country, all through a mobile device or computer.

But the benefits don’t stop with just outstanding convenience or great customer service, both of which Parx Casino has a well-deserved reputation for providing. It turns out that Parx Casino also offers some of the best lines in the country, with gamblers able to bet on both major and less-viewed sporting events at price points that rival anything in Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

A typical point spread at Parx Casino would look something like Team A, who is the favorite, being placed at +5 points and given odds of -110. For those unfamiliar with sports betting jargon, this simply means that Team A must win the game by at least five points to cover the spread. It also means that a bettor who wishes to bet on teammate covering the spread would have to wager $1.10 in order to win a dollar.

Experienced sport bettors will immediately recognize this as being a highly competitive line, competitive with the types of betting lines that even illegal offshore two person card games operators frequently offer. However, with Parx Casino’s Philadelphia sportsbook, bettors are now able to get these incredibly low rates while also enjoying the ironclad safety and guarantee of fairness that dealing with a long-established operator like Parx Casino provides.

Big bonuses and ongoing promotions

But the benefits of placing bets with Parx Casino don’t stop there. This Philadelphia sportsbook offers some of the best bonuses in the industry. Currently Parx Casino is offering a $500 free bet for all new sign-ups. This incredible offer means that new players at the sportsbook will be able to enjoy nearly $500 in free money. And given the great lines that one can find at Parx Casino, this virtually guarantees that new players will walk away big winners.

 Parx Casino also has an excellent loyalty program for ongoing players. Those who place bets regularly at the sportsbook will find themselves showered with ongoing promotional offers, including redeposit bonuses, freeplays and match bonuses. With some of the largest bonuses in the business, there simply is no better option than Parx Casino’s highly reputable Philadelphia sportsbook.

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