Most Effective Ways to Clean Your Glass Pipe     


A typical question in the smoking community is, ‘how exactly to clean a glass pipe and render it efficient in the long run?’ Do not worry as this piece has got you covered with the safest and simplest ways for cleaning your glass pipe, as well as a few regular habit suggestions to keep your glass pipe gleaming like the day you received it! Whether you have a complimentary or a free glass pipe or even a gifted one, it may feel like a mammoth task to puff and put it away for later. However, the resin accumulation on your glass pipe can turn nasty. Resin build-up encourages the formation of hazardous bacteria and molds, which you certainly don’t want to inhale as this can be harmful to your health in the interim. 

Cleaning your glass pipe does not have to be a time-consuming or arduous task. Here are some methods for keeping your glass pipe or water pipe clean daily so you don’t have to scrape gunk out every time you want to smoke.

Quickest Way to Clean Your Glass Pipe

You can use specialized pipe cleaning solutions for your glass pipe or water pipe to make the cleaning process easier. The most efficient and widely recommended cleaning solution is a resolution gel. Unlike rubbing alcohol, it is absolutely non-toxic and safe for your pipe (and the environment as well). Besides, you don’t have to be overly concerned about something strange remaining in your glass. These easy-to-use resolution gels come packed with easy-to-pour spouts that can be poured directly into your water pipe’s down stem. Listed below is a step-by-step approach to effectively cleaning your bubbler, bong or pipe.

Follow these methods for a quick breakdown:

-Disassemble the Dirty Glass Pipe Fragments

Remove any components in your glass pipe that may fall, fly off or become adamant with time.

-Shake the Resolution Gel Pouch to Activate the Compound Cleaning Formula 

Shake the resolution gel pouch thoroughly before using it on your free glass pipe directly. This allows it to mix well and work effectively to render your pipe stain-free.

-Pour the Gel into the Soiled Glass Pipe

Cover the unclean glass pipe with resolution gel and carb caps. Allow for thirty seconds of resting time before shaking if necessary. Place any down stem or glass pipe accessories right into the pouch and set aside for thirty seconds more.

-Rinse with Warm Water After Removing the Gel

Remove the down stem and other smoking equipment from your glass pipe and pour the gel from the dirty glass water pipe back into the pouch (yes, the resolution is reusable). Rinse with warm water and pat dry with a soft towel.

The above are some of the most basic care and sanitation measures you can adopt in order to rid your glass pipe of any harmful toxins. You will certainly agree that a little effort knows no harm. Besides, it can go a long way in ensuring good health and develop a penchant for healthy habits. The next time you indulge, remember to be responsible and chill.