Kitchen Works Keeps Me Cooking


I want to start by saying that I’m not normally the person who leaves reviews on these sites. I know, I know, everyone says that. But I don’t leave reviews on THESE sites because I hate cooking. It’s never been something I’ve liked, never been an enjoyable experience. In fact just the opposite — cooking is a chore that I have to do to keep myself alive (if there is no drive-thru or takeout nearby). 

However, recently my parents bought me food processor and shipped it over to my apartment in New York. It was right at the start of the lockdowns and my food options were suddenly incredibly limited. My mom said this tool will probably help me get more used to cooking, since it was easy to use and pretty versatile. I decided to give it a try and started with the basic veggie stir fry with vegetables chopped in the processor. Turns out she was right! As the weeks dragged on it started experimenting more with my processor until I finally felt like I could make enough meals to sustain myself as a 20 something single person with no access to restaurants.

But then… the processor broke.

I honestly don’t even know for sure what happened. All I know is I was trying to make some nut butter when suddenly I heard a terrible snapping noise. One of my blades have come loose from the chopping component! I tried to keep going with only one blade but it just wasn’t working. 

This was a huge bummer. Having a food processor had been a huge benefit for my health, my bank account, and honestly my self esteem. Suddenly I felt like I could DO something, like I had learned a new skill in quarantine. But with a broken blade, my skills were sidelined.

After pitying myself and ordering way too much DoorDash for a few days, I decided to find a way to replace my broken light. A quick search for Cuisinart food processor parts led to tons of results, most of them before fully new machines and way out of my price range. Finally, I clicked on Kitchen Works Inc., and I’m super glad that I did!

Firstly, Kitchen Works has this awesome guide that helps you figure out what model number you have for your food processor. Technically I didn’t use this (since the box the processor came in is still sitting in my living room), but I appreciate how the company went out of their way to help people find the right products for their specific machine. This is super important, because they have SO MANY CUISINART FOOD REPLACEMENT PARTS. I bet you’d be able to find the right food processor part for literally any machine Cuisinart has ever sold (but don’t quote me on that).

I was able to find a new blade that fit my machine. The price was good, the shipping was fast, and I was able to get back to learning how to cook. So thank you, Kitchen Works, for helping me on this “adulting” journey! I couldn’t do it without you.