I Was Never A Fan Of Cooking


I grew up in a busy household, and honestly always hated the chaos that was our kitchen. I always tried to avoid it, including sitting down for family meals. It was just too much. Too noisy, too crowded, too messy and I just never wanted to be bothered with helping out with anything for those reasons.

This came with me into adulthood. I finally moved out of the house of chaos, and I was out on my own. Having never been a fan of being in the kitchen, I didn’t really know much about cooking aside from the very basics. For the first year or so on my own, I was fine with takeout and delivery, eating at restaurants or grabbing a pre-made salad or rotisserie chicken from the grocery store. 

Once I started budgeting and realized how much money I was spending on just food alone, I realized it had to stop. It was a ridiculously high amount. I could hardly believe my own eyes. I had to do something else or I was never going to be able to save anything. I’d literally be stuck in the same place forever. I couldn’t let that happen.

I did some research on cooking tools that could basically make things easier for me as a beginner. All of my research pointed to one thing for sure: I needed a Cuisinart food processor. It looked like a pretty promising idea so I went ahead and made that purchase. Best idea I’ve ever had. 

I was able to find different blogs online that were meant for beginners. It wasn’t very difficult to catch on after a few tries. What a difference. I used to burn my toast. Now I use fresh ingredients, and everything comes out great. 

Now I make really healthy food and I feel better than ever. It’s definitely changed my relationship with kitchens, cooking and food. My mom was shocked the first time I offered to help her make something when we had a family dinner. She looked at me like I had eight heads.

To be proactive, I decided to check and see if there were any parts that I could get to enhance my appliance. I found KitchenWorksUSA. They sell authentic Cuisinart DLC-7 parts, not cheap knockoffs. I was so excited because I could get some replacement blades and bigger bowl attachments to make larger batches of things, and different food pushers for different sized foods. 

Overall, I’m so happy I took the plunge and got a Cuisinart food processor. It’s definitely made a difference in my health, my spending habits and even my relationship with my family, which is really wonderful. I highly recommend it to anyone who doesn’t think they like to cook. Chances are they just haven’t found the best way yet.