Setup Business in UAE

How to Setup Business in UAE?


Business setup UAE feels like a daunting task, but in reality, it isn’t. Any place or country you go to requires some type of documentation and licenses required. Similarly, the UAE has different types of licenses for different needs. Our company assures you with the best assistance provided for you. Even after setting up the business, every company needs various things to maintain it. All those things, i.e. an office, furniture, marketing, accounting services, etc. are taken care of by us. You just have to focus on your principal work and grow your business swiftly. The various licenses you can opt for is listed below:

Consultancy License:

This type of license is required for business professionals who are advising various consultancy services to many other people and companies.

Service License:

If you want to set up a business related to service providing, this license is for you. It allows all types of services to be done and also the good required to fulfill it.

Trading License:

People who are into the business of imports and exports of goods, who have to also store and distribute those items, require this type of license to commence their work.

General Trading License:

This type of license is generated for the people who are into trading of multiple commodities of all goods and items which are permitted in the UAE.

Industrial License:

Any person who wants to import the raw materials, manufacture them into a finished product and then export it, will be issued this type of license.

Holding License:

When some person or organization controls another company and their assets, they are issued a holding license for it.

Why Set up in a Free Zone:

  • 0% tax on personal and corporate tax
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Low start-up costs
  • Amazing Flexibility
  • Access to many business servicers


  • Visa restrictions
  • Currency restrictions
  • Paid up share capital required
  • NOC requirement
  • Office Rental required
  • Annual audit required

‘Trade License Zone’ takes care of everything that comes in your way to set up a business in the UAE. Right from the first step of acquiring a license to the last step of filing returns for the company, we are there for you in every step. Call us today on +971 4 429 5888 or email for further details.