How to fix curtain rod holes in your wall


Curtains are a functional, full-proof way to tidy up home décor. They protect you in many ways by keeping the heat and the light out and look beautiful. While they are problematic to hang and can be a pain when it falls out of the wall, leaving gaping holes. It happens a lot when curtains are not secured properly or maybe because of the mistake in selecting the wrong type of curtain rod that can’t support the weight of your curtains, causing it to shrivel and fall out of the wall.

Children and pets also cause a mess to curtain. Children sometimes pull on them when playing, bringing the curtains down. They are not only leaving annoying holes, falling curtains can also damage your wall to the point where it is impossible to re-hang them in the same spot.

Now the question that arises is how to fix this issue? Is there any solution to that or not?

The answer is yes, there is a step by step guide to fix it up. There are certain options we have among which one option is

Rehang Curtains without Patching the Drywall

If the damage is not too severe, you can rehang curtains without patching the drywall. Pick up the right tools you need that is the hammer, screwdriver, Power drill with a 3/16-inch drill bit, Needle-nose pliers, small plastic drywall anchors, Screws

Remove the curtain rod from the brackets. Tap the brackets with a hammer on a flat surface to straighten them and use needle-nose pliers to bend them back in place.

Drill the top and bottom hole locations where the bracket was lately attached. Tap an anchor into each hole with a hammer and fix the curtain holes.

Position the bracket over the anchors. Insert screws through the holes of the bracket into the anchors and secure them by tightening them with a screwdriver.

Repeat the whole steps with the bracket on the opposite side of the window. Now you can hang the Curtains on

Sometimes the damage to your wall is too humongous to escape by re-drilling the holes. If it’s greater than an inch, then you’ll need a patching compound and some extra support to assure the rod will stay in the wall.

Get the right tools you need, such as  Screwdriver with a flat head, newspaper, Small bowl, Patching compound or spackle paste, drywall joint compound, Putty knife, 4-inch drywall knife, the sandpaper of 120-grit, Primer for drywall Initially use a flat-head screwdriver to clear out the hole and erode off any drywall remnants.

Stuff the Hole With newspaper this will help support the patching compound.

Now mix patching compound with water.

Mix about half a cup of mixing the compound with water make it stiff but spreadable. Try to lift some with a knife. If it runs off it, add more powder into it.

Now fill the hole with patching compound

Make sure to fills the gap evenly and don’t bug out. Leave it for about 20 to 30 minutes to harden.

Do it again with a coat of drywall joint compound to the patch and spread it. Use a four-inch drywall knife to scrape it flat. Leave it to dry overnight.

Sand it with 120- grit sandpaper and Paint the Patch.

Now, it’s time to rehang curtains and make sure they don’t fall out this time.