How to Bet on Soccer and Win Big


About 40% of all money wagered on sports betting in the UK is spent on soccer. The huge number of games everyday all year long, has helped this industry grow significantly in the last few years.

As a punter, it is therefore vital to know all the features of football markets, if you are looking to win every single season. Read on to find out tips on how to bet on soccer and win big.

Follow a Tipster

Following a good tipster increases your chances of winning significantly. This will make your betting much easier and more profitable. Some betting sites offer betting tips and returns after you complete the offered tips so it may be good for you to take a look.

Several websites also offer soccer betting tips but Betting Gods and Tipster are the most recommended if you want to get the most out of your betting. Before signing up on any betting site conducting due research is key.

Try Matched Betting

No matter the betting odds you are assured to make a profit no matter the outcome of the bets. It is based on taking advantage of promotions and bookmakers’ free bets.

Take the Small Profits

This strategy is often overlooked in sports betting. Let this not discourage you, be glad your strategies working. When betting on soccer short odds, you are more likely to make small wins regularly and this is much more profitable.

Understand Your Markets

Get to know your markets inside out to avoid making silly mistakes, and missing the chances of winning. There are several types of football betting that you can try out. These are:

  • Double Chance: This bet is an easier win but with shorter odds – it’s a play-on-the-match result bet
  • BTTS Result: It’s similar to the match result bet but both teams must score
  • Over/Under Goals: The only thing that matters is the number of goals scored

Track Your Bets

Switching up who you bet with may help you keep logs of your bets and save money. Keeping track of your bets means being transparent with your bets especially if you are constantly losing money.

Stay Impartial

It is important you bet with your logical brain and stay in control. Placing bets based on your gut or emotions may only lead to poor decisions and the overall profit. Unless your research and analysis on soccer matches say so, it’s recommended not to bet on a team you support.

Keep a Betting Record

This is a great way to keep track of all your bets and increase your chances of winning. By doing this you get a clear picture of whether your current strategies are working or not.

You may use Excel spreadsheets or Google Sheets to record your bets. It’s also recommended to keep a record of your bookmaker account information. Bet on sports today to better your financial income.

Bet on Soccer Today and Win Big

Betting can either lead to losses or profits. But if you have done your research and acquainted yourself with all the useful information, then you are most likely to get more profit when you bet on soccer. Follow the betting tips above for more wins.

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