How Directions Are Crucial In Selecting A Condo?


Ever seen a Hollywood movie showcasing a billionaire enjoying the sunset after he earned a million-dollar profit? Often we come across people who own the homes with the best views. They pay a lot of money to get homes like this. Luxury is not only about higher floors and the best interior fittings, but it is also about the lifestyle that you can lead in there. Before buying any apartment people pay a lot of attention to the directions of each room in the house. There are so many things in terms of directions that people consider before buying an apartment. Some of them are:


  • They will be able to enjoy the sunrise from their bedroom.
  • They will be able to enjoy the sunset during their evening tea.
  • They will be able to swim under the full moon.

And many more things like that.

You would be astonished to know the fact there are at least 70% of the buyers who take the direction of the condo into heavy consideration. To make a condo choice of direction (การ เลือก ทิศ คอน โด, which is the term in Thai), they go through numerous apartments and then select the one that will be the most suitable choice as per their lifestyle. 

Crucial Directional Factors In The Choice Of A Condo:

1. Sunlight

As we have already mentioned, sunlight plays a very important role in the selection of any condo. People prefer to have more sunlight in their bedroom and kitchen, but prefer less sunlight in their hall. Some people prefer heavy sunlight in their home offices, especially those who work from home. Sometimes people prefer to have heavy sunlight on their terrace for their morning workout sessions.

What we are trying to point out is that there are numerous types of choices regarding the sunlight in the house. The main driving factor should be the kind of lifestyle you want to lead.

2. Wind

The factor of wind also plays a similar role to sunlight. Some people prefer heavy ventilation in certain rooms and less in others. The main reason why people prefer good ventilation is because they don’t want to feel confined in a particular space. Good Windflaw ensures that very same thing. It makes you feel good in small spaces as well.

A condo is a choice that you are making to change your lifestyle. Some would say a condo should be selected as per the lifestyle you already lead but what is the point of that? When you are investing so heavily in certain living spaces, it must bring positive lifestyle changes. Consult experts to know more about condo choice of direction.