How Can Make My Sick Girlfriend Feel Better? 


The saddest thing is when we see our loved ones lying limp and helpless in bed due to illness. Believe it or not, someone who is sick can be cured faster if cared for by a loved one. Surely you don’t want to see your partner sick and helpless, do you? For that, when your partner is sick, take care of her with love by doing the following things. When your partner gets sick, of course, you will do many things lovingly that can make your girlfriend feel better.

Here are some things you can do when your partner gets sick.

  1. Accompany Her

This is, first and foremost, what your partner needs when sick. She wants you to be there to keep her company and care for her with love and affection.

  1. Give Her Support

People who are sick sometimes think negatively about their life and their illnesses. This is natural because when sick, a person will feel restless, worried, and weak, which triggers her mind to think negatively. Your job is to help her think positively by encouraging her to use positive words. When your partner can think positively, believe it will speed up the healing process.

Caring for a partner who is sick is not childish behavior. It is precisely this moment that can show how much you love your partner, wanting her to get well soon and be cheerful again in filling happy days with you.

  1. Make Food for Her

If possible, make food for her that she can consume. Thus, she will feel her appetite better and make her recover faster.

  1. Give Her More Attention

Someone who is sick mostly becomes lazy to move, get out of bed, and eat food because her tongue feels terrible. When your partner is sick, do whatever she wants to make her feel comfortable. There is nothing wrong with spoiling a partner who is sick. After all, when we are sick we will also be spoiled by him. Give her the food she wants to eat. If she is still lazy and doesn’t want to eat, feed her affectionately. Don’t be ashamed to feed your sick partner even though you are no longer children. Doing things that can spoil her will prove how much you love her.

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  1. Help Address Her Needs

When your partner is sick, of course, she will lie limp and helpless and unable to control herself. The time she has is only spent resting. For that, you are the one who has to take care of all his needs and be a responsible nurse. As a personal caregiver, your job is to watch her drink enough water, give her food on time, and remind her to take medicine on time.

Whether at home or in the hospital, try to take care of all her needs wholeheartedly. This way, she can sense that you care and love her so much. But what if you are far away from her? Long-distance relationships do create various dilemmas. But that doesn’t mean that LDR (Long Distance Relationship) won’t work at all. Don’t even get discouraged. Not a few couples can survive in this distance-bound relationship. Because affection never knows the distance.

In addition to guarding your heart, showing a sense of care when your lover is sick, you can’t escape your actions to her. Regardless if someone near her takes care of her, you still have to take care of her from afar. Moreover, you are her lover. You certainly have the right to do that.

  1. Sending Her A Sweet Text Message
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The only way you can make her feel good is by sending her a sweet text message. By sending a bit of positivity to her can help in a big way to help her overcome her sickness. Sending positive text messages can help her heal quicker. If you live far away from her or can’t be there for her due to various reasons, then you can use these text messages to make her feel better when she is sick. These are, for example.

  • I may not be able to be on your side right now, but my love will always be with you.
  • No matter how sick you are, you are still the most handsome person for me in the whole world. 
  • I will be praying for your quick recovery while you rest. Just remember that I love you to the core. Get well soon.
  1. Having Phone Call or Video Call

Indeed, it doesn’t have an instant effect on recovering quickly, but at least hearing the voice of a beloved figure seems to give her peace. Her eyes may start to sting at the smartphone screen to reply to your chats, so you can offer to call her or make a video call. In other words, this shows that you pay attention to little things that are more comfortable for her. Even though your chat is so exciting, don’t forget to take a break. Still, she needed a lot of time to rest to recover quickly. Her sleep will be better after hearing the soft voice of your worrying her on the other end of the phone.

  1. Send Her A Care Package

If you have a long-distance relationship and can’t see each other face to face, you may not be able to visit right now. Sending a care package for your sick girlfriend is the next best thing if she can’t see your smiling face in person. Sometimes one small gift just doesn’t seem like enough for a girl who is sick. In this case, get well soon hamper for a girl may be the perfect option. 

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Not only will it get well, but you’ll also be able to give several gifts and show you know and care. If your girlfriend loves checking out the latest restaurants when she feels okay, you can give her the same excitement with a gourmet food basket. Fill the basket with interesting treats and snacks she can munch on when she has the appetite for it. But, pay attention to whether she can eat the food while she is sick. If it turns out that food is not okay, then try to offer something else. You can replace it by sending a fruit basket. You will not go wrong with giving fruit baskets to sick people. If your girlfriend still wants to have her favorite food sent, emphasize that you will send it when she recovers.

  1. Avoid Drama
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Problems or conflicts in a relationship are common problems. However, when your partner is sick, you need to reduce drama, conflict, or problems in your relationship. Try to be more patient and understand your partner’s condition, especially when your partner is sick.

If someone is sick, people’s moods will change quickly. Besides, don’t blame each other. Because, by blaming each other, of course, the problems will get more complicated, and the fighting will be more and more unstoppable. Unfortunately, arguments can negatively impact the condition of your sick partner. If you feel angry or disappointed with your partner at that time, you should be quiet and calm down first. Because of anger or disappointment, of course, you will not be able to solve a problem.

  1. If Her Condition Gets Worse, Visit Her

If your partner’s health condition does not improve, it is highly recommended that you visit her. Later you will see firsthand how she has been. You can also take care of her directly, no longer through the distance like before.

But, try to stay calm. Your partner can become more restless if she sees you being nervous about her sickness. Make her calm with your presence. She needs gentle care so that she can feel better.