Five Ways To Get The Best Coaching For IAS


Aspiring for UPSC is for the bravest of the brave. Several aspirants appear for the exam every year, but only a few hundred make it to the end. With the success rate being only 0.2%, you require extensive planning, precision, and work to complete the UPSC syllabus successfully. You aren’t alone if you have decided to take on this arduous journey, but you do not know where to start. 

Many aspirants are lost at the beginning of the journey and make the critical mistake of studying more instead of studying smart. Whether you’re confused about getting online IAS coaching or simply studying at home, we’ve got your back. Here’s a list where you can find the best coaching for IAS in India.

  • IAS Coaching Classes

The easiest way to learn the intricacies of the exam pattern is to join a coaching class for UPSC.

A coaching centre is experienced in the format of the exam and the tips & tricks to help you score beyond the cut off marks.

By joining one of the top IAS coaching centres, you can also avail yourself of additional benefits like expert-taught classes, one-on-one mentor coaching, frequent test series, exclusive study materials and more.

  • Online IAS Coaching

Not everybody can afford to relocate to a new city to take IAS coaching. Keeping the above fact in mind, many of the top coaching institutes in Delhi also provide multiple online coaching options.

Although they lack the intimacy of physical interaction, online IAS coaching classes are a great alternative to their offline counterparts. For one, they cost significantly less. Two, you get all the study material and a customized timetable for study. Three, you also get one-on-one telephonic tutoring from your mentor.

The additional advantages are that you can take the classes conveniently, and you have a wider study group to interact with.

  • Internet

If you’re clear with the IAS syllabus, then you can even decide to study on your own. In such scenarios, the internet can be your best aide when it comes to UPSC coaching. In the current day and age, you have quite a few coaching websites that provide notes, daily mini-tests, problem-solving classes and even some mock tests for free. 

Additionally, you can find dozens of free concept classes covering almost all subjects on YouTube and other platforms. A word of caution, most classes are an in-depth study of a topic. This can be detrimental to your study since the UPSC exam paper is based on factual, pointwise answers.

  • Ex-Aspirants, Senior Players Notes

If you’re hard-pressed for time to make notes, the best source to refer would be an ex-aspirant’s or a senior player’s notes. Many IAS officers have blogs where they share not only notes but also their strategy and book reference list. 

Additionally, don’t miss out on their sample answer sheets, as that will help you to write model answers as well.

  • Selective IAS Coaching

Self-evaluation is a necessary aspect of UPSC preparation. It can assist you in recognizing and correcting errors. Joining a mock exam series is very advisable, especially if you are preparing from home. Answering a mock series will assist you in assessing your strengths and weaknesses.

Furthermore, you can get curated interview preparation guidance from any top IAS institution. It is critical since it will help you improve traits such as diplomatic techniques, language skills, mental awareness, crisis response, and so on.

To wrap up, even though UPSC is a challenging exam, you can clear it by studying smartly and working hard. Fortunately, there are quite a few ways where you can get great coaching for the exam for every level of your exam.

Good luck!