Different kinds of Astrology you might never know


Astrology charts can be interpreted in many ways. Some astrology charts can be interpreted by the rules of Vedic astrology, which follows the practices and rules of Hindu astrology. Nowadays, online astrology is available for different purposes. If you are interested then you must follow the different types of astrology and know about their methodology. This helps the person to understand his/her planets.

Given below are some kinds of astrology:

Love Astrology

In the astrology of love and relationship, a synastry chart is used to understand the connection of the planets from charts of the significant other who can be a crush, friend, colleague, husband, fiancée, or family member. A composite chart is also used for relationship astrology to make two charts. You should take note of the ascendants and the planets of other houses.

This astrology focuses mainly on seeing how two people connect. There are other misconceptions related to this astrology. Some people feel that it is about knowing one’s love life. Interpersonal relationship astrology is focused on the energy we share with others and the energy we are receiving through others. Hence, it’s more about projection. You can always take help of online astrology for such aspects of of your life.

Vedic Astrology

Hindu astrology or Indian astrology is also called Vedic astrology. Vedic astrology dates back thousands of years ago. Vedic astrology is also used to understand and predict marriages, businesses, and the themes of everyday life and its success. Vedic astrology has twelve signs of divinity. The focus of Vedic astrology is based on constellations. For Vedic astrology, you can ask astrologers for predictions to make your life better.

Natal Astrology

Natal Astrology is used to seek answers related to a person’s goals, ambitions, directions, etc. In this type of astrology, the birth chart of a person is used which fulfils the requirements of time, date, and location of birth to track the map to the cosmos which aids in fulfilling the answers for the people.

This kind of astrology is also instrumental in providing in-depth answers and explaining the hopes and fears of a person. The birth chart helps to understand the hopes, dreams, and fears of a person and studies the manifestation of all of them from past lives. The birth chart is used by the astrologer to understand the progress of the person and his future events.

This kind of astrology is also beneficial to understand the perfect and auspicious time to start or carry out events or goals.

Medical Astrology

Medical astrology is very complex. It is done for people who are sick. It also helps to forecast the time needed for recovery. In medical astrology, the need for the casting of a chart is necessary.

One can note down the time and date of one’s sickness so that the astrologer can create a new chart which will help in determining when will the patient recover.

In medical astrology, the astrologer studies planets and signs related to a patient. Also, house placements are taken into account to understand the illness and to get further information about the patient. Medical astrology is also helpful as it can provide knowledge about the body parts prone to illness, infections, or diseases. You can opt for online astrology for medical issues as well.

Horary Astrology

This is a type of astrology where the astrologer answers the questions of the querent. This is also an ancient form of astrology. Under this, the chart is made after the astrologer finishes resolving the queries. The answers by astrologers are valid for three months at a time as the outcome can be seen within three months. Not repeating the questions is one of the conditions under this.

The motto of this type of astrology is to help people find out what they can expect in future based on their current circumstances.

The moon is a symbolic element in horary astrology as it is considered the natural receiver or giver of information. Therefore, the role of the moon is important. You can opt horary astrology to resolve your doubts via astrology chat.

Electional Astrology

People are often confused while starting a new job, new business, or activity and hence, they look for the perfect time to start the activity or apply for the job. In this type of situation, Electional astrology comes to rescue.

The moon is a crucial element in electional astrology. To get a positive outcome from this, the moon needs to be in the first house. The chart is made to ensure that the querents get positive vibes from the moon. People can also go for online astrology for such matters.


Above-mentioned astrology types can come to people’s rescue as per their needs. Using them, one can take guidance for the betterment of one’s life on both the fronts, i.e., personal and professional. Consulting online astrology can impact many lives, if used wisely.