Custom Software Product’s Most Overlooked Features You Should Know



The custom software development industry in Philadelphia and everywhere else in the world develops custom software to help customers get solutions to specific problems. This software comes with a lot of benefits and advantages. However, there are instances where they can fail to meet the customer’s needs.

This usually happens when there is no proper communication between the custom software development agency and the client. This causes the agency to overlook some important features of the custom software product.

Due to this lack of communication and failure from the client’s side to communicate their specific needs, the developer might get engrossed in the technical aspects of the product and fail to focus on some important features. In addition to that, it may happen that the customer is too engrossed in the end goal and may not think about how the product will fit into their current infrastructure.

All these factors combined, might sacrifice the quality of the end product and cause the end product to not be up to the mark. There are some critical features of custom software products that are frequently ignored by developers. In this article, we are going to discuss some of these features.

Below are the most overlooked features of a custom software product.

1. Customization

When it comes to making custom software products for businesses, it is important to understand that every business is different and has different goals. What works for one business may not work for another, so it is important to lay out what you need from the product.

Failing to customize the product based on the customer’s needs and requirements is one of the biggest mistakes that will affect the quality of the end product.

2. Multiple platforms or multiple environments

This is another feature that is most commonly overlooked with custom software products. This is usually because businesses need support for one operating system. The custom product may however fail to be compatible with the client’s server and fail to run on multiple platforms and multiple environments.

3. Security or scalability

Another important feature that is often overlooked is the security or scalability of the product. Security and scalability are extremely important for any business. However, it takes a lot of time and dedication to develop a custom software product with these features and hence this feature is often overlooked by developers.

4. Vendor-customer relationship

The vendor-customer relationship is another commonly overlooked feature of the custom software product. This is mostly because customers assume that custom software product development companies will help them to implement their product without putting in extra cost or effort.

However, it does not work that way as this is outside of the original work scope. Do make sure that your scope of work is clearly defined before you start any project.

5. Training or documentation

Another overlooked feature is training or documentation. It is not fair for companies to assume that all their employees will magically know how to use the new software product without any training. Companies need to spend that extra money to provide the right training to the employees so that they can use the software as intended.

6. Data migration

With different business organizations, the data structures are different. This needs to be kept in mind when developing the custom software product. If ignored, data migration becomes another important overlooked feature of custom software products that can cause major hassles later on.

7. Infrastructure

Proper infrastructure is important to have for a custom software product to work. This is important for version control, change management and maintenance for a lifetime. Failing to have this can really affect the quality of the infrastructure, leading to many problems later.

8. Included maintenance

Focusing on the maintenance of the product after development is an important feature that is often overlooked by clients. Without maintenance, you might end up with a product that offers a substandard performance after a while of using it. Proper maintenance can ensure that small issues that crop up over time can be weeded out before they become a nuisance.

These are the top overlooked features of custom software products. Consider getting in touch with a proficient custom software development agency like Dignitas Digital for a planning and strategic consultation about your product to get started.