Carpet Tiles- Best Alternative of Hard Flooring


Floor is the noticeable part of the home and everyone wants to decorate his floor in a good style. There was a time when the house owners covered their floors with the wall to wall carpets and marble tiles. These options were supposed to be beneficial and still they are, but not as carpet tiles. The wall to wall carpets are difficult to replace and the marble tiles fail to provide softness. If you have tired by trying these both options then consider carpet tiles because they will work as carpet and tiles. They do not get damaged soon and they are very easy to replace. When the rugs are placed on these tiles, they give the unique and classy taste of your personality. Carpet tiles are also known as carpet squares and modular carpet because each tile is in the shape of the square. The carpet tiles have become a popular flooring option among people because their shapes are like tile but they work as a carpet.


The carpet tiles almost provide all those benefits which carpet flooring provides. The benefits of carpet tiles are as follows.

  • Easy Installation

Installation of tiles and wall to wall carpets is a bit difficult task. But installing carpet tiles is an easy task. You can install carpet tiles without the need of workers. In this way, you will save those expenses that you had to pay them. Carpet tiles are very light in weight and easy to carry because each tile is small in size. You can carry these tiles and set them in any area. There is no need for any skill for their installation. You can do it by yourself in the morning or evening. It will be a fun project and you will enjoy it.

  • Durable

Carpet tiles are available in different materials like polyester, nylon, cotton and wool, etc. All the materials have their own strength and power. When it comes to the long life of carpet tiles, you can guess from this that these tiles are used in the office as well which is a high traffic area. So these tiles are helpful for a house having kids and pets. These tiles are specially designed for the busy areas.

  • Easy Maintenance

If you spend once, on these tiles then you can save many future expenses. You can keep heavy furniture on them because a dent does not appear on them like tiles. These tiles are soft and offer a comfortable environment. The wall to wall carpets are difficult to maintain and if there is any damage that appeared on the wall to wall carpet, you have to buy a new carpet. Whereas, if these tiles are damaged then you can replace a damaged piece with a new piece.

  • Different Varieties

The main benefit of carpet tiles that most people overlook is the variety in them. By them you can get any style and can decorate the room in different colors. Make the playroom of kids colorful with these beautiful tiles.