Car Rental Red Flags You Need To Watch Out For


People turn to a daily car rental when they need vehicles temporarily, such as for a weekend getaway or while waiting for their cars to be repaired. Because it only happens rarely, perhaps once or twice a year, people are clueless about dubious car leasing companies in Singapore and frequently end up with a disadvantageous deal.

Watch out for these red flags when searching for a private hire car rental company:

1. Old car models.

It is easy to spot decade-old cars. They lack features of modern vehicles, such as GPS systems, USB ports, and Bluetooth. It is acceptable if you are leasing well-maintained and priced vintage cars.

As much as possible, avoid old vehicle models your car rental company offers you. Apart from consuming more fuel, they may not be fit for the road anymore and are a threat to your safety.

2. The steering wheel is on the wrong side of the car.

Some countries implement a left-hand drive while others a right-hand drive. Singapore drives on the left, so their steering wheel is most likely on the right side of the car.

Don’t accept left-hand drive cars from your car rental company in Singapore.

3. Lack of inspection report

Generally, private hire car rental companies provide an inspection report of the car along with its other documentation for the client’s assurance and safety.

If the company skips this process, the vehicle is most likely a bad car, much worse, a hot car!

4. Hidden charges

Daily car rental companies put sly and hidden charges on your bill, including upgrade charges, damage fees, surcharges, processing fees, and toll charges.

Be alert to these charges; otherwise, they will take you by surprise.

5. Too good to be true deals!

You know the drill; too good to be true deals and prices are the number one red flag in any transaction.

Be critical with super cheap offers. Avoid them to be safe.

Recognise these red flags when looking for car leasing companies in Singapore.

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