Benefits of wool carpets


Carpets are great inventions of all time. Rugs are, no doubt a welcome addition to our homes. Whenever you may enter someplace, the first thing which gets noticed is the floor and the carpets. There is no doubt in saying that carpets leave the first impression to the visitors. No matter how much effort you have put in decorating your house carpets decide the authenticity of your style and décor. Mats are not only décor items, but they also provide us with tons of benefits like comfort and warmth. Centuries ago, carpets were found in specific designs and colors; moreover, there were only handmade, and hand-tufted carpets available with limited variations. Time changed, so do the patterns and models; now; now the market is flooded with different kinds of rugs. Every type of carpet carries its benefits.

While selecting the best type of carpet for your home, you might consider many things. You might have a budget to follow that restricts few of your choices, sensitivities or allergies. All of these factors might leave an impact on your selection. You may also consider low-maintenance and easy to clean mats options.

When you have shortlisted carpets according to this list, you might come to select between different types of rugs. This is the most complicated part of selection than all other parts of buying a carpet. Here I will be talking about wool carpets and the benefits it might provide. You may also want to know why wool carpets are getting popular these days.

What is a Wool Carpet?

Wool Carpets are spun from sheep’s wool, which is later turned into yarn to make different things like carpets. Wool carpets are famous for their environment friendly and extra allergic resistance features.


  • Long life span:

Due to natural wool fibers the carpet and its texture is strong and durable; that lets its fibers stay the same as new for a long time, than any other rug with fiber materials. The natural crimp in fibers helps it to retain its original look for a long time, and also reduce chances of wear and tear. Wool is also a natural stain-resistant product, so don’t worry if you have little kids around your house.

  • Low-maintenance:

Wool’s stain-resistant feature gives it the privilege of easy cleaning and low maintenance than synthetic fiber rugs. Wool carpets also hold the feature of being more color fast that means it is dyed in colors which don’t fade or wash out. The wear of carpet remains even for a long time. Fans of wool carpets say that these rugs age gracefully. An occasional steam or daily vacuuming keeps the mat in shape for many years.

  • Comfort provider:

Wool is soft, so do the stuff made by it. Getting out of bed on winter mornings need a lot of motivation, imagine waking up in cold weather and feet soaking into warm, comforting wool carpet. Cute toasty feet and a higher level of heat in your house is the benefit of wool carpet only.

  • Allergy resistant:

Wool and fibers seem more prone to allergies and sensitivities, but it is not. Wool carpets are, in fact, the best flooring choice for those with allergies. The texture of wool works as a natural air filter that holds dust and allergies until you vacuum them. Wool carpets also prevent dust mites and bacteria.

  • Eco-Friendly Choice:

Wool rugs are one of the eco-friendly flooring types too. It is a renewable resource and generates less waste.

  • Inflammable:

Wool fibers are inflammable and resist fires. There is a higher chance that you might not have a fire at your place or office, but wool carpets can work as a safety measure installed at your home in case of emergency.

  • Value Money:

Due to its natural material and robust features, wool carpets are a bit expensive. Still, if you look closely, wool rugs save you a lot of money due to their longevity, easy cleaning and low maintenance. So it’s once in a lifetime investment that is much cheaper than any other carpet.

Wool carpets, no doubt, are useful types of flooring; a little care and wise selection may enhance its productivity at your place.