Alternative Tobacco Products


Tobacco comes in various forms. Here, we cover the basics and make alternative tobacco products more accessible.

There are always new products coming on the market so make sure you check out all the alternative tobacco products.

Dissolvable tobacco: Tobacco that dissolves inside the user’s mouth is described as ‘dissolvable tobacco’. There are several different kinds of dissolvable tobacco, including orbs, strips, and sticks. These dissolvable kinds of tobacco commonly break down in as fast as three minutes or up to a half-hour. The nicotine content of dissolvable tobacco varies depending on the type and brand and while some contain more nicotine than a daily cigarette, some contain less. The danger of this form of tobacco is that they can resemble candy and be attractive to children and youths.

Hookah: Hookahs, or water pipes, are a popular way to use tobacco in a social environment. It is increasingly popular with young people and it’s not hard to find hookah bars near college campuses. In a hookah, the tobacco is often given flavors such as apple, grape, guava, lemon, mint, as well as many other fruit-based mixes. The tobacco is heated, filtered through water and passed through a hose to the mouthpiece where it is inhaled. In addition to the risks of tobacco use, the use of hookah also carries the risk of communicable diseases when the mouthpiece is shared or not properly cleaned between uses.

Chewing tobacco: There are several forms of chewing tobacco, such as loose leaf, pellets and plugs. Chewing tobacco is put between the gum and the cheek and chewed to release the flavor and nicotine. It’s sometimes also called spit or chew. This product has different flavors, like this


Dipping Tobacco: Also known as pinch, dip, or snuff, dipping tobacco is finely ground or shredded tobacco. It can be dry or moist and is placed between the gum and cheek.

Snus: This so-called ‘spit-less tobacco’ is contained in small, teabag-like pouches and used like dipping tobacco. The advantage of snus over dipping tobacco is that with snus there is no need to spit.

Cigars: A cigar is a rolled bundle of dried and fermented tobacco leaves that’s intended to be smoked. While cigars smokers don’t generally inhale the smoke, cigars contain the same disease-causing carcinogens as cigarettes and so users are still at risk from the smoke they produce.

Little cigars and cigarillos: Little cigars and the slightly larger cigarillos are sold in larger packs, and usually have filters, exhibiting that they’re meant to be inhaled like cigarettes. Little cigars, generally speaking, contain 1 gram of tobacco, however, cigarillos frequently contain 3 grams of tobacco.

Tobacco Alternatives: These days there are also many products that give you the same experience as tobacco without any tobacco leaf or stem. Check out this article [im1] on smokeless tobacco alternatives.