8 Things You Should Know Before Purchasing A Gas Hot Water System


Whenever you turn on your faucet, you’ll receive a constant stream of cold water flowing through your pipes. When your water heater malfunctions, you may panic while trying to locate a replacement, especially if it happens during the winter when you need hot water.

Continue reading this article to find out what you should know before purchasing the best gas hot water system.

Which System Is Best For You?

Natural gas and electricity are the two basic water-heating systems you may connect to LPG. Water heaters are classified into two types: instantaneous or continuous flow hot water system and tank.

In addition, regulations aimed at decreasing energy use and waste imply that installing a new electric storage system for new residences is not a realistic option.

Electric storage systems are used to warm up a water tank with a capacity ranging from around 25 litres on the smaller end to more than 400 litres on the larger end of the spectrum. Because these systems are not entirely insulated, heat loss is always possible, which may be highly costly in an electric system.

Moreover, tank heaters are substantially bigger than instantaneous heaters, which are gaining popularity owing to their small size and energy efficiency.

Is There Anything You Can’t Install?

Depending on your structure and home, one kind of gas hot water system may be preferable to another.

Local water quality has a role; holding low quality or “hard” water might cause tank corrosion in your storage tank and pipework.

In this scenario, an instantaneous system may be preferable where the water runs through and warms as it goes.

Furthermore, instantaneous and tank systems for hot water are typically housed outside for venting reasons. However, if essential, they may be brought inside as long as there is a way for the exhaust to be vented outdoors.

Is There A Low-energy Water Heating System?

In the same way that it regulates the labelling of refrigerators and other appliances, the government has not yet started to control the labelling of information on energy-star ratings. This regulation is expected to begin sometime shortly.

Ask the shop or the installer to offer the details, and then do your study; strive for a combustion efficiency rating of 6 or 7 stars. In most cases, a better grade suggests fewer ongoing expenditures.

Additionally, although water storage tanks are insulated, there is still some heat loss throughout their lifetimes since nothing is perfect. For this reason, it is best to put them in an insulated location or maybe in a sunny area if possible.

What Kind And Size Of A Gas Hot Water System Do You Need?

The typical Australian home consumes 40-50 litres of hot water daily. If the system is too small, it is possible that the flow will be limited or that someone will be denied the opportunity to take a hot shower. A huge system means you’re paying for resources you’re not using.

What Are Some Softer Options For Your Wallet And The Planet?

Since heating the water in your home accounts for around one-quarter of your total energy costs, choosing the most efficient solution is in your best interest.

Moreover, when it’s time to update your system, you should look for anything that will help you use less water than it already does. Because some hot water systems have existed for a considerable amount of time, it is possible that they no longer meet the requirements of your home or the most recent guidelines.

  • Choose the gas-boosted solar instantaneous system if you live in a warmer region.
  • LPG gas may provide more cost reductions than electricity and natural gas.
  • Ensure that the system you choose is suitable for your household size.

Where Can You Get The Most Trustworthy Hot Water Heater?

You have various alternatives for where to make your purchases, ranging from traditional department shops that sell electronics and home goods to specialised outlets and even the makers. Once you’ve settled on the gas hot water system that will best suit your needs, the next step is to receive three separate estimates for the cost of the system.

What About Saving Money With Gas Rebates?

Discounts and refunds are available for retirees in several states and territories on gas connections. If you haven’t already taken advantage of the gas rebate programmes available for both natural gas and LPG, this might greatly assist you.

What Else Should You Consider Before Getting The Best Gas Hot Water System?

You have a variety of alternatives for appliances to choose from when you have LPG or natural gas in your home. Start your hunt for a new hot water system by heading to Google and typing in “compare gas hot water systems Australia.” You will be on the right path if you follow this advice.

Before you invest in a gas hot water system, consider if a competent plumbing company may repair your present one. It’s also a good way to consider things before buying something.