Which Flower Defines Your Anniversary?


Even if a marriage lasts a lifetime, each passing year is significant since every pair goes through unique experiences and challenges together. Sending flowers from flower delivery Kuala Lumpur on an anniversary is a beautiful gesture of love and devotion. We all do it, however, many people don’t realize that different flowers have varied meanings that correspond to certain anniversaries. Giving your significant other or other couples who are celebrating their anniversary flowers that correspond to their number of years of marriage can serve as a fertile ground for the growth of love. Please continue reading for the details:

  • Carnations for the First Year of Marriage

They say freshman year is the most challenging, but also the most formative. Many special moments occurred this year. Some were romantic, some were celebratory, and some were even contentious. These bouquets have been immersed in the sweet hue of love to commemorate those tender moments spent making out.

  • Celebrate Your 2nd – ear Anniversary with Sunflowers

You’ve grown closer over the past few years and learned to accept and even embrace each other’s flaws. You’ve finally come to terms with each other and are head over heels in love. Sunflowers are symbols of love’s warmth, devotion, and strength.

  • Flowers for a Fifth-ninth Anniversary

After spending the past half-decade sharing in each other’s joys and sorrows, you can truly call each other best friends. You’ve got fights, cuddles, and teasing, yet you’re still together. The innocence and softness of your affection are reflected in the choice of flowers you’ve made to commemorate this milestone anniversary of your friendship: daisies.

  • Daffodils in a sunny yellow for the occasion of the tenth anniversary

Your love has now endured for a whole decade. It’s at this point in your relationship that you realize you were meant to be together. In honor of this occasion, send your sweetheart a bouquet of daffodils to symbolize the joy and passion you feel for one other.

  • Celebrate Your Eleventh to Fourteenth Year with tulip

The depth of your love for one another and the wisdom and maturity you’ve both gained in your relationships have made the two of you dependent on one another. Enjoy the festivities with these delightful gifts.

  • Roses for the 15th Anniversary

And now, after all this time together, your love has finally stood the test of time. Therefore, red roses, the traditional flower of the 15th anniversary, are the most gorgeous choice. They represent the purity and sweetness of romantic love between two people.

  • Aster for 16th-24th Anniversary

You realize the depth of your marriage and become partners in crime. Aster wishes you a happy anniversary filled with love, wisdom, and wealth.

  • Honoring 25 Years of marriage with Iris

Flowers are a lovely way to express your joy and gratitude for another year of marriage today, your silver anniversary. Now is the time for you and your partner to celebrate and feel triumphant.

  • Commemorating the Past Half-Century with Yellow Roses

Gift yellow roses to your loved ones from a Penang florist. Your 50 years of wedded bliss are a testament to the unwavering conviction, unwavering trust, respect, ethics, and humility that have sustained your relationship throughout the years. On your golden anniversary, you and your spouse should honor your undying devotion to one another by exchanging bouquets of yellow flowers.