What Are The Differences Between Drivers And Chauffeurs?



Let’s face it– there are just some days when we cannot stand the daily grind. If you’re like many office workers in Singapore, there have been days where you’ve witnessed your daily drive or commute to work going sour. That’s why, on special occasions like when you have business meetings to rush to, guests or visitors to please, when you need to make a statement, or just plain want to escape the horrors of city traffic, you might be considering hiring a service that can make your travels just a little bit more comfortable. So, you know, you can focus on other, more pressing endeavours like your next presentation or the conference that you need to prepare for.

What’s the best option for a busy businessman or woman like yourself? Well, there’s one thing that the company should definitely invest in if they want safe and comfortable travels, and that’s hiring a personal driver or chauffeur for their needs.

Ever wondered what it’s like to have your own personal concierge service? Let’s dive right into chauffeurs, their services, and why you should definitely consider them if you want to live at the peak of convenience.

What is a chauffeur?

When we think of chauffeur services, most of us only think of them as glorified drivers who are in charge of driving the luxury vehicles of the upper class, but chauffeur services have evolved to be more than that. Banish your conception of chauffeurs being uniformed, gloved men serving the rich and driving them around everywhere. Today’s chauffeurs service a wide variety of clients, and they’re not just solely the servers of upper-class folk anymore, they also serve business travellers and their guests, event attendees, and more.

Many people also picture chauffeurs being hired for limousine services, but many chauffeurs drive other types of cars. They can also be tasked with many different responsibilities. From learning the shortest routes so you won’t be late for work, to memorising your schedules and timetables for the day, to ensuring you have the best experience possible, chauffeurs are on another level than your average personal driver.

They are not just servers or workers in customer service, they are specialists with a lot of capabilities. Let’s learn more about what their differences are to drivers.

Drivers vs chauffeurs

While most may visualise the difference between chauffeurs and drivers simply as the vehicle they drive, this is surely not the case. You won’t get the same experience, for example, in limo services if you hire a personal driver as opposed to a professionally trained chauffeur. Here are some of the major differences between chauffeurs and drivers.

1) Chauffeurs provide a wider variety of customer services

Drivers are just responsible for getting you from point A to point B. Chauffeurs are more than that. They are put through rigorous training to ensure that your drive is not just safe, but elegant, comfortable, and convenient. They have skills not just in driving but in customer service, traffic patterns, time management and more.

2) Chauffeurs have special and unique characteristics that set them apart from ordinary drivers.

As stated earlier, they have multiple skills, but even their service to clients in other aspects is unparalleled. They must have a clean and neat appearance, impeccable timing, excellent communication, a knack for predicting traffic flows and planning ahead, and other things.

3) Chauffeurs will also provide different types of driving services.

Unlike drivers that only get to your destination, there is a multitude of chauffeur services that you may avail of when it comes to driving, including chauffeur tours, business trip driving, corporate or PR events, celebrations, and more.

4) Chauffeurs will be more highly trained in driving.

You already know that chauffeurs have a higher level of experience in driving, but do you know how exactly they were able to obtain these skills? Why, they got them through rigorous training, of course! Chauffeurs not only have training in defensive driving, customer safety, and traffic safety, they also have specialised knowledge in the best hotels, events, city attractions, landmarks, and other things. They are also required to be able to learn schedules on the fly and adapt their routes to your needs. 

In short, think of your chauffeur as your own personal butler plus driver while on the go. If that doesn’t sound like a big win for you on your business functions, you should reconsider the immense benefits that chauffeurs can give you.

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