What Are Modern Ways Of Recording Attendance Of Employees?


Employees need to report everyday at work. This simple process in previous days was done through registers. The employees used to put in their in and out times and sign in the register on the day. It, certainly, created lot of hassle and the risk of losing the record was the highest too. With changing times, the ways organizations worked changed and accordingly, the attendance systems went through modifications. Least to say, some systems were of electronic nature and eliminated manual intervention.

On the basis of the work pattern of employees and organizations, various ways of recording attendance have come up. These ways are easy to implement and maintain records in fool-proof manner. Important examples are:

  1. Biometric recording: The employees finger print and thumb print are stored in a machine. The employees put their registered print on the scanner and get their attendance recorded. Biometric is considered to be one of the most advanced systems where there are nil chances of record tempering. This is made more transparent further with its integration to employee self service portal where employees can access their salary computed on the basis of work days completed, leaves taken, etc.
  2. System login: Most of the organizations have operational software where the whole day’s work is batched. The employees can login to their work area using employee ID and password. Some organizations with BYOD policy allow punching in from remote locations too to provide work from home facility to the employees. The payroll software is integrated to the system login mechanism, which in turn, speeds up the salary computation.

With the introduction of sophisticated solutions for managing work and employees, the attendance systems have transformed. The above two systems are taking over the corporate culture because these help in managing employee experience and performance in quite a transparent manner.