Ways that Alcohol Affects Relationships


Over 15 million adults in America struggle with alcohol use disorder. This is alcohol addiction that is responsible for the devastation of most addicts’ health. Besides affecting health negatively, such addition hurts relationships and social wellness. Getting help from relevant professionals such as Skyward Treatment Center is the key to recovering one’s life.  It is possible to save marital relationships, restore families by avoiding conflicts, and recover financially. However, it all starts with understanding how alcohol can affect these vital relationships in one’s life.

Why Alcohol Beco,mes a P[roblem in Relationships

More often than not, alcoholics have a difficult time maintaining healthy relationships. They struggle with being emotionally available and mostly lack the intimacy needed to sustain relationships. There are different ways most addicts are unavailable.

They Lack Intimacy

Much has been documented regarding the relationship between alcohol abuse and disconnected relationships. Most addicts struggle with intimacy and are often seen to work in estranged marriages, not to mention broken relationships. This happens because of the following:

  • Lack of stability: Relationships need consistency and commitment. These are two elements that addicts can never guarantee because their focus is solely on alcohol. They never try to be there for their partners hence the separation.
  • Failure to meet expectations: When two people come together, they have specific goals and expectations of each other. Alcoholics forget about such commitments and end up on a solo path. This often leads to failed expectations and intentions, causing a rift between the couple.
  • Lack of affection: Although this happens unintentionally sometimes, the effect of alcohol on affection is evident. Most addicts are irritable and angry, especially when they are going through withdrawal. Such a blatant lack of love and respect affects relationships negatively.
  • Lack of commitment: This is probaba;ly the biggest reason alcohol is a significant hindrance to relationship progress. Most addicts are unable to honor their word and promises. The regular disappointment when they fail to do what they should is disheartening and break up relationships.
  • Lack of shared values: When one becomes a slave to alcohol, they no longer find anything else interesting. Usually, they turn to alcohol and replace it with tier past hobbies or likes, which can be a primary deal breaker in relationships.
  • Lack of respect: When there is no respect in relationships, chances are that the couple will not go far together. Disrespect shows in many forms, including failure to stay committed, lying, and constant excuses.

Mistrust and Deception

Relationships of all kinds are built on trust and truth. Whenever mistrust sets in, there is a significant challenge in staying afloat. Most addicts, especially in their initial stage of addiction, will keep hiding and lying about their challenges. This can creep into other areas of life ans cause significant problems, especially when their partners discover the deception./

Abuse and Co-dependency

Most addicts will neglect their primary duties because of addiction. This may lead to abuse, especially when children are involved. In some cases, alcohol dependency may lead to violence, and most of the time, kids are oin the line.

Financial challenges

This is a significant deal breaker when it comes to relationships and alcohol. When all the money is channeled to alcohol consumption, other needs are neglected. Besides that, addicts may start having problems attending to their work duties and could even lose their jobs.

Learn to know when alcohol is becoming an issue in your relationship. This often shows up as|:

  • Alcohol taking center stage in your relationship
  • Alcohol leads to changed personalities
  • Alcohol makes you dishonest and untrustworthy
  • Al; alcohol leading to loss of sex drive

When you understand these things, it becomes easier to handle them straight on. If you still want to maintain your relationships, it pays to take charge of the alcohol addiction. Reach out to Skyward treatment center for support. Call us today for more guidance.