Toxic Materials That You Should Watch out for Inside Your Home


If you have plans to demolish your property or do a significant renovation, you need to be extra cautious. Many things around you can cause harm and accidents. It would be best if you were careful when it comes to handling waste materials or chemicals because you might accidentally spill them. If you do not have enough experience in handling dangerous waste materials, it is best to leave it to the experts from junk removal company Evergreen.

Old lamps

Every home uses incandescent bulbs or fluorescent ones as their primary source of lighting. Each of these lighting systems has a lifespan of at least two years. Once it stops working, it leaves you with no choice but to replace it. Most of these bulbs contain mercury, which can irritate the skin upon direct contact. In case the light breaks and the mercury vaporizes into the air, it can cause poisoning, poor coordination, and kidney damage. It is best to call a junk removal specialist to deal with it properly.

Paint that contains lead

Lead is one of the main ingredients of paint. If you happen to live in a house built during the early ’60s and ’70s, there is a big possibility that the paint used contains lead. Lead can contaminate your food, water, and other things that kids usually put inside their mouths. Pregnant women and young children are at risk of ingesting lead. It can cause health issues like anemia, weak bones, and muscles. In worse case scenarios, lead poisoning causes kidney and brain damage that may eventually lead to death. If you are about to demolish an old home or repaint your walls, it would be best to wear safety masks to prevent dust inhalation and lead particles.

Post-construction debris

After your home renovation project, expect that your home will be messy. Wooden scraps, rusty nails, and old galvanized sheets are some of the materials that you need to get rid of. Anyone can get into an accident if you leave this debris lying around. Companies that specialize in construction junk removal can clear up all the waste within your property in just a couple of hours.

Home appliances

If you happen to own old appliances like refrigerators, an air conditioning unit, a heating system, and coolers, you have to be more careful in disposing of them. These things contain refrigerants, otherwise known as freon, which can cause gas poisoning when inhaled in large quantities. The problem with freon is it does not have any smell at all. So it is best to isolate any non-working appliances that contain freon. If you want to get rid of these things, it is best to call a junk removal team to haul them away from your house.

Lastly, pesticides and chemical-based cleaners are also harmful to your health. You cannot dispose of them by pouring the contents down the sink. Burning them is also a big no. If you are unsure about how to eliminate these chemicals properly, get in touch with experienced professionals.