The Ultimate Guide To Finding The  Perfect Coccyx Cushion


Designs of coccyx cushions are based on relieving arch to relieve tailbone pain. Choosing the best coccyx cushion and yoga mat online for your yoga practice is a tough task because there  are so many coccyx cushion options available in the market. But if you consider these factors, you will be able to find comfort in the form of the perfect coccyx cushion.

Factors to consider before choosing a coccyx cushion:

  • Material – Find a coccyx cushion made from high-quality material. Materials like memory foam are always the right choice when it comes to choosing a coccyx cushion. Prefer the best quality comfortable material when choosing a coccyx cushion.
  • Medium Size and Lightweight – If you want to take your coccyx cushion to yoga classes, go for a lightweight, medium-sized coccyx cushion. Considering its portability before buying a coccyx cushion is an important factor. The size should be large enough to provide support for the entire pelvis and coccyx.
  • Thickness and shape – Always go for the coccyx cushion with enough thickness to provide adequate comfort and support without being bulky. It’s important that your coccyx cushion can maintain its shape while in use.
  • Non-slip Base – Its non-slip base rule applies to every yoga mat. The same goes for coccyx cushions; choose a non-slip base coccyx cushion to prevent it from sliding during yoga practice.
  • Pocket-friendly – Choose a coccyx cushion that meets all of your requirements within your budget, and don’t forget to read reviews before buying.
  • Brand value – when it comes to your body, always choose the best for it. Always buy coccyx cushions from a good brand like Vissco next.

Why Choose the Vissco Next Coccyx Cushion

  • Material – Vissco Next is famous for its scientific designs of yoga mats and coccyx cushions.Vissco has designed the coccyx cushions based on memory foam, which are advisable not only for yoga practice but also for general use of the coccyx cushion.
  • Scientific design – It is designed to offer better support to the tailbone region, High density foam comforts the lower body and provides support to the tailbone area.
  • Curved design – Vissco Next provides a curved-shaped coccyx cushion. It provides better weight distribution and promotes good posture during seating.
  • Antibacterial properties – Vissco Next coccyx cushion undergoes a special process to make the material skin-friendly and long-lasting. This method adds antibacterial properties to the coccyx cushion.
  •   Budget-friendly – Vissco coccyx cushion fulfils all your requirements efficiently in a pocket-friendly manner.
  •  Orthopedic Use – Vissco coccyx cushion fulfills the requirements of orthopedic patients. Vissco coccyx cushions are highly recommended for orthopedic use. They work as a comforter and supporter for the tailbone area.
  • Areas to use coccyx cushion besides yoga – placing it on office chairs, study chairs, wheelchairs, and car seats.For any kind of tailbone-related problems, coccyx cushions can be really helpful.


When it comes to finding the right coccyx cushion and yoga mat online, Vissco is the right place to look. Go check the Vissco coccyx cushion range and order the best coccyx cushion for you.