Resmed CPAP Machine: Choosing The Right Machine


The most generally suggested solution for managing sleep disorders is the CPAP device. Since one’s airways collapse or become temporarily obstructed, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) commonly causes stops or abnormalities in breathing. A Resmed CPAP machine sends a constant stream of pressurised gas into your mouth while you sleep. By having your airways open, you can breathe properly.

Let’s look more closely at how this device works and the benefits of using one.

How Do Resmed CPAP Machines Work? 

The compressors of Resmed CPAP devices deliver a consistent stream of pressurised air that goes into an air purifier and through a tube. This tube delivers fresh air to a mask worn above your mouth.

As you rest, the CPAP machine’s airstream presses against any obstructions, opening your passageways and allowing enough oxygen into your lungs.

Your breathing does not stop since nothing prevents the passage of oxygen. Consequently, you don’t have to wake up frequently to restart your breathing.

Several Types Of CPAP Devices

All CPAP machines have the same essential parts:

  • A cushioned mask
  • A headgear frame
  • Changeable straps that enable you to tailor the device’s fit
  • A motor contained inside a base unit
  • A tube connecting the motor and the mask
  • Elbow parts that serve as joints

Different Mask Types

Mask styles might change amongst CPAP devices. What kind you wear is determined partly by your breathing patterns, the convenience of the mask, and your sleep apnea condition.

Its different types include:

  • Full mask. This kind is triangular, covers your nose and mouth, and may be used while resting. Your doctor may recommend this mask if you have respiratory allergies or issues.
  • Nasal mask. This is a padded mask that covers your whole nose. This might be an excellent choice if you shift positions often while sleeping. It can generate a stream of air that is under high pressure.
  • Nasal pillow mask. This mask features a nasal cushion. It may feature prongs that insert into your nostrils for easy glass use. A more oversized mask may not fit if you have facial hair.

The Benefits Of Using Resmed CPAP Machines

As with many therapies, there are advantages to using a CPAP machine. Here are a few of the well-known benefits.

Utilising a CPAP machine has been established. These machines include a steady oxygen supply to the body as people sleep. As a result, they assist in avoiding the short breathing disturbances characteristic of sleeping problems.

Other benefits might:

  • reduce your chances of developing cardiovascular conditions
  • decrease daytime drowsiness
  • boost your sleeping ability without getting up
  • may lower cholesterol and blood glucose levels

Choosing The Right CPAP Machine

Understanding what crucial qualities to look for to get proper therapy for your sleep condition is helpful. The following buying advice will aid you in selecting the machine that best meets your unique demands.

Improved Humidification

New CPAP machines have built-in humidification and are simple to install, refill, and clean. The Resmed CPAP machines provide continuous humidification all night with no condensation.

The ClimateLine Air heated-up tube is designed to maintain the warmth of the air from the humidifier down the tubing and into your mask, making your time with the ClimateLine Air warmer overall.

Auto Start

The SmartStart function on the Resmed CPAP machine enables the machine to start the airflow as fast as you inhale into a mask.

Comfort is one of the most critical aspects of having a good night’s sleep. Before purchasing a specific CPAP machine, be sure it contains all the features you want. Specific tasks may be more or less important to you, so consider what you want your CPAP machine to accomplish, such as if it has:

  • Gaining access to the sleeping data
  • Heated tubing
  • Quiet machine compressor
  • A user-friendly patient menu
  • Improved humidification
  • Ramp feature
  • Women’s specific treatment or small travel devices


Why not use a Ramp function to make CPAP use as pleasant as possible? The Ramp enables the CPAP pressure to begin low and progressively increase over 45 minutes to achieve your appropriate CPAP pressure.

The ResMed series now includes sleep onset monitoring. This begins by supplying a low pressure for increased comfort and then gradually increases the pressure to your recommended setting after detecting whether you have fallen asleep.


A CPAP device treats sleep disorders by introducing fresh air into the passages through a tube and a mask. The pressurised air keeps your airways from closing, allowing you to breathe while sleeping.

There are several kinds of CPAP machines. A healthcare professional’s recommendation will be based on the kind of sleep problems you suffer from, how convenient the device is for you to use, as well as your routines of breathing while you sleep.

Furthermore, some individuals find CPAP machines unpleasant. If a Resmed CPAP device does not work well for you, speak with your doctor about additional alternative treatments that may help to keep the airways open while you sleep.