How you Can Have the Best Wooden Garden Building Studio


Building a wooden garden studio is relatively easy to set up, but there are certain aspects that you need to consider carefully. In particular, it can be very useful to consider it as a modular element over time, depending on your needs. Today it can be a living room in the garden with a beautiful decoration and tomorrow your office, for example. The choice of its location must also be judicious.

Consider Your Investment for the Long Term

You probably already have a clear idea of ​​what you will do with your garden studio. The advantage of this studio is that it can indeed adapt to multiple functions: an independent office to work serenely, a room for a child who has become a student or to accommodate relatives for more or less time. Its major advantage is that it will be easily profitable if you consider it as an investment: the very good energy performance of wood limits heating costs in particular, and you will never need to cool it in summer. Its maintenance is now limited and its installation are easy to implement. You can check this site and have the proper solutions there.

This is why, through these multiple possibilities; it may be interesting for you to plan several possible uses as soon as it is created. For example, by using it in the summer for a highly profitable seasonal rental. This is the great advantage of this type of solution: it can be scalable over time.

Think Carefully Instead Of Its Location

It is this easy adaptation which must however determine its correct location in space, which will not be scalable. If you want to keep this adaptability for your garden studio, then you have to think about its location in the long term as well. If you want to use it today for rental, it should be located in a place where its independence will be convenient for you and your tenant. The problem becomes different if you reserve its use for the accommodation of an elderly relative, for example.

From an energy and therefore economic point of view, always think about adapting your exposure. Favor openings to the south and a closed wall to the north, to further limit the bill and improve the durability of its wooden walls.

What you need to know before setting up a garden office

Workstation, workspace, work studio, studio in the garden, the names differ but the concept is the same: an office in the garden physically separated from the house, which allows you to work. The idea appeals too many, but from there to take the plunge, are you ready?

If you need to create a workplace for your business, whether it’s freelance for work from home, telecommuting or a liberal activity, it is not always easier to have a garden studio installed in your home than to extend the house classically.

Indeed, you must necessarily decide if you are going to stay below 20 m2 of surface or if you will exceed them. In the 1st case, a prior declaration of work will be necessary, when in the 2nd case; you will need a building permit. Except that a prior declaration is not without difficulties and that it will still be necessary to respect the PLU of your municipality, while the surface of your office will be less than 20 m2.