How to Manage Your Loved One’s Joint Problems


It is challenging to move around, especially if you have joint problems. Walking and climbing the stairs will be a challenging task. If these simple tasks are already hard to finish, what more with other activities like sports competitions, walking in the park, swimming on vacation, and others that require bodily movements? Although you can use social media to observe the world around you, it is still better to immerse yourself in the real world. The first step is to look for medical surgery or treatment, like a total hip arthroplasty in Singapore.

Remember, when undergoing surgery regarding your joints, you will experience a difficult time adjusting to your new situation. Now, you must know how to support yourself, a family member and a friend for a fast recovery process.

In this article, you will learn how to manage mobility problems and increase activities even after surgeries like ACL surgery in Singapore. Here’s to living a more productive and fulfilling life!


How to Manage Loved One’s Mobility Problems

Staying active can help you enjoy life to the fullest! However, mobility problems can hinder you from trying new things, especially adventurous ones. Life is more colourful when you try new things and explore the world around you. Unfortunately, due to your joint problems, you may have limited movements. As a result, you will experience restrictions on your daily activity.

Once you experience a joint problem, you must go to a doctor to know the appropriate treatments for injuries like ACL injury and frozen shoulder in Singapore.

After consulting a doctor, learn how you can manage your mobility problems to live a fulfilling life. Never stop living and improving your health with the tips below!

1) Establish an Open Communication

The first thing you must do is establish open communication with your loved one. Encourage the patient to tell you when there is a feeling of uncomfortable pain. This way, you can help them address their problems and promote a better condition. You will also know if they need to take medications or some home remedies to lessen the pain.

If, for instance, your loved one is suffering from a shoulder rotator cuff tear, let them rest and prevent your loved one from carrying heavy weights. You can also put ice on the shoulder for immediate relief.

Shoulder rotator cuff tear may happen because of injury, repetitive activities and ageing. For this reason, the patient should be vocal when the situation is uncomfortable.

2) Find a Reliable Doctor and Therapist

Your doctor can influence your health decisions in life. Finding reliable and genuine healthcare professionals can help you find the best solutions for your mobility problems. For example, an ACL injury in Singapore needs a tear or sprain of the anterior cruciate ligament. It is a common knee injury, especially for active people like athletes, construction workers, and fitness enthusiasts.

And so, this disease needs a reliable physician to prevent the worst-case scenario. You will know the appropriate action for your recovery progress and treatment. A genuine doctor will also motivate you to do your best to heal from your health condition.

3) Be the Support System

Suffering from mobility problems can also affect mental and emotional health. Since you cannot move the way you used to, you might feel depressed and hopeless. You might ask yourself: when can I return to my daily activities? Can I still go to an adventurous activity?

It is normal to feel this way. So as someone taking care of a patient after total hip arthroplasty in Singapore, you must show patience. Be the support system they need! Encourage and be their foundation during the darkest days.

After all, total hip arthroplasty is a procedure that replaces the hip joint with a prosthetic implant. The treatment would take six weeks for the recovery period, allowing you to do minimum activities.

4) Try to do Light Exercises

Of course, you also need to keep your body active during recovery. Encourage your loved one to try light exercises to give your body more strength. Before starting your exercise routine, you can visit a doctor for safety precautions. Be careful because your loved one might experience a meniscus tear in Singapore due to twisting and rotating the knee.

As you start the exercise program, be aware of dizziness, shortness of breath, swelling joints, and body pains. Tell your loved one to be vocal when feeling uncomfortable. Luckily, there are some exercises you can try, like swimming pool workouts due to less pressure, using light dumbbells, resistance bands, chair dips, and stretches.

5) Ensure Home Safety

As a caretaker of your loved one, you must ensure home safety to avoid more accidents at home. If your loved one needs to recover from ACL surgery in Singapore, it is advisable to transform your home into a safer space. You can do this by removing trip hazards by the stairs, repairing loose stair railings, adding more lighting for a clearer view, and putting flooring safety and handlebars in the bathroom.

In doing so, you can ensure that your loved one will be safe even if you are not with them. Perhaps, you are sleeping, or you are running an errand. A safe home will give you peace of mind that there will be no accidents.

6) Hire a Caregiver

Yes, it can also help if you hire a caregiver to help you. Of course, you still need to go to work and do your errand. During this time, a caregiver can supervise in place for you when you are outside the home. You can also tell the caregiver about the patient for a better care system.

For instance, you can tell more about the frozen shoulder of your loved one so the caregiver can provide the appropriate care.

7) Give Constant Reminders

As your loved one’s support system, do not forget to give constant reminders about the medications and other health routines for the recovery period. This way, you can encourage your loved one to heal from the joint disease. Give your gentle reminder for a better mental state. Yes, remember that your words can have a significant effect on your loved one’s mindset.


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