How To Have A Fantastic Air Freight With Minimal Spending


Air freight is the most effective way to transport goods from one place to another. The factors that influence the choice is the time and distance involved in sending and receiving the goods. Most of the companies trading internationally use air freight as the mode for transporting the goods.

 Globalization has made air freight a separate industry as the trade has crossed all borders. Air freight gives the customer and the seller ease of business. The requirements of today’s fast-paced world are fulfilled by the fast shipment using air freight. Air freight is of two types: General cargo and Special cargo the former contains items of high value like jewellery and electronics and the latter contains goods that need temperature control or specific protection like perishable goods.

Benefits of Air freight

  • Fast

Choosing Air freight helps you to receive the goods on time. The fastest mode of transportation crossing borders or within the same country is Air freight. Whether the goods are perishable or non-perishable the shipment will be done within the stipulated time.

  • Timely Delivery

Air freight is considered to be the timeliest mode of transport for the delivery of any goods. The shipment of goods will be timed properly as the airlines follow a strict schedule. The shipments don’t get delayed as there are flights available every hour so trade transactions can happen anytime without delay in shipment arrival or departure.

  • Cross border trade

The airline industry has expanded on a very large scale any airline has destination coverage of almost the entire world. The shipments both for professional and personal reasons can be shipped to any part of the world without any hassle. The choice of airlines has also increased which makes the customers use the carrier they believe the most.

  • Insurance 

Generally, the shipment has a short duration which makes them liable for low insurance premiums.

  • Security

The airline industry is very vigilant and strict adherence to rules and safety measures makes air freight the most secure way of transport.

Tips to reduce Freight cost:

  • Consolidate the shipment

Consolidation of the goods in one country will make you save a lot of money and it helps to build credibility. The shipments will also use less labor therefore it reduces costs to the company.

  • Package 

The efficiency of freight depends on the packaging, warehousing, and transportation wherein the packaging of the shipments or the goods accounts for 10% to every dollar in the supply chain hence it is very crucial to be smart in the packaging of goods. Discuss the usage of optimal shipping material that doesn’t take a lot of space in the carrier like airbags, straps, blocking, etc. with your carrier.

  • Choose bulk loading 

Shipping more goods with proper intervals is beneficial than shipping small goods every day, providing incentives and free delivery options for large orders will make customers buy large quantities.

  • Using Backhaul

Exploring carriers who ship to selected destinations frequently will help you make arrangements for your shipment. You can check with the carriers if they can deliver your goods as a backhaul this trick might lessen your costs from 20- 40 %.

  • Off-Peak Shipping 

Choose off-peak days and seasons to ship your products as it will reduce cost, check the tariffs, and choose the days when there is low traffic. This however depends on the demand of the customer and the goods.

  • Pick up later shipment

If you get any profit try to let the carrier pick up the goods later than the business hours or when the carrier has fewer loads in the future of course this depends on the type of goods you are shipping.  

  • Outsourcing Shipment

Outsourcing your shipment needs to any reputed freight company will help you save a lot of time plus their expertise will bring a reputation for your company as the goods are delivered on time to the customers.

  • Know the Shipping rates and negotiate

Most customers are taken aback as they see the invoice has some extra costs, the freight deals with a lot than just flying from one place to another the carrier promises to deliver the goods intact and therefore takes care of the products throughout the transport so all the handling charges and special requirements for the freight will be included in the invoice so negotiating terms before shipment will help you save some money.